Highlights of Interior Design Dubai: Luxury Design Concept

Luxury is one of the top descriptions of interior design Dubai creating a chronicle that represents the city of gold. The highlights of interior design in Dubai circles on how well the design elements complement the selected luxurious theme. Best interior design company in Dubai and interior designers’ involvement of expertise in visualizing a certain design supports the flawless inclusion of luxury into various design concepts. Some popular interior design concepts in Dubai that perfectly blend with luxurious theme includes Arabic, Modern, Contemporary, Classic, and Glam designs.

Highlights of Interior Design Dubai Luxury Design Concept

How to add Luxury into Interior Design Dubai

There are varieties of design elements being used by the best interior design company in Dubai that can be added to achieve an elegant and luxury design. A dramatic integration of expensive design features isn’t actually needed in upgrading a home or any interior space into a luxurious space. The most practical and simple way to add a touch of sophistication and luxe is with simple changes that might give a big impact on your space such as in the placement of furniture, the use of modest but rich materials, and incorporating note-worthy features. We have listed 7 simple but significant ways that you can use in updating your interior design Dubai with a luxury touch.

Interior Design Dubai | Luxury Design Concept

7 Simple Ways to Add Luxury into Interior Design


Declutter and Organize

Luxury interior design always seems to be flawlessly neat and clean, disregarding any insignificant accessories that clutters around. Keeping a home or a certain space clean is a daily challenge, especially if you have little decorations or even toys present at every corner. However, you don’t need to think of it as a problem since there are ways to declutter with less trash bins full. Decorations such as ornamental bowls, jars, and vases can be used as storage for small items that usually litter around. Nice decorative baskets can also be a useful storage to organize toys, throws, and other clutter that you cannot afford to dispose of. Just make sure to use such storage-useful decors with simple designs, neutral hues with metallic accents to perfectly blend with the luxury theme.


Neutral hues

Create a serene and sophisticated space by using neutral tones such as whites, deep creams, soft browns, and grays for interior walls. These hues can bring more emphasis to decorative pieces and focal points, works well with any color schemes, and increases decoration choices. Neutral hues offer a calming effect that transforms an interior space into a tranquil haven providing comfort to the occupants.


Add Foliage

Just like neutral hues, foliage or greenery can also contribute a calming and welcoming effect to the design. The integration of plants, both real and artificial, into the design creates a biophilic feature that brings the outdoors into the interiors, uplifting the space. Natural design elements such as indoor plants revive and adds freshness without spending too many expenses just daily sunlight and watering with care is enough. Fresh or even artificial flowers can effectively add elegance and glow to an interior space with the right selection of pots or vases and the plant itself.



First that takes up our attention whenever we enter a living room is the sofa set, wanting to immediately prove how attractive and comfortable it is. Some invest a lot of budget into expensive sets, but take note that most of the time, the prices don’t actually represent the quality of the product. Always check on the materials used, durability, and the comfort it can provide, aesthetics and value come next. For a luxury touch, choose velvet and leather which can add an extra-luxe look into sets such as couches, settees, and other types of seats. 


Proper Lighting

Quality lighting improves any kind of interiors. It is the key to perfectly accentuate the features and focal of a design. Clever lighting can totally enhance the impression of furniture, size, and harmoniously determines the visual flow of the space. Carefully choose the lighting pieces for every particular interior space and always consider the appropriateness of sizes and designs of the pieces into the function and appearance of the space. For example, if your living room has a high ceiling, a long and large piece of chandelier is better to effectively provide a lighting source for the specific space. Try to visualize the effect of the lighting feature into your design before installing anything, too much lighting might actually change the mood of the interior space.


High-end Decors

Vintage has always been an effective source of luxury for interior designs. High-end decors are not always available as new and expensive purchases from showrooms but if you do not worry too much about expenses, feel free to purchase new high-end decors. On the other hand, vintage and antiques from boutiques are not bad at all, with just a pair of meticulous eyes, you are good to go. Look for pieces made of high-end materials such as antique gold, stone and marble, or solid wood, a little retouch and sheer will bring back the goodness of these vintage pieces. Instant luxury touch? Go with antique features.


Accents and Textures

Going luxurious is a bit tricky, you will need a rightful balance of design features to not overdo everything which is not pleasant to the eyes. Control the accents that you want to incorporate into the design such as metallic shades and bold hues, use just a maximum of 2 metallic shades and one bold color accent per space, you do not want to confuse everybody with your taste. Textures can either seen or touch, so use some creativity and equity. Add textures on pillowcases for your plain sofa, add a painting on an artless wall, or a carpet on a plain floor. Again, be careful with the designs. You can always play with contrasting textures and features if you are into a more contemporary style, yet play on complementing textures and features for a more luxurious style.


This list is just an interior design Dubai guide on how to effectively and practically upgrade your space with luxury but still, it is better to seek professionals from an interior design company in Dubai who can provide further assistance. Their designers and architects are experts in design and can transform any kind of interior space into a luxurious space without any hassle. 


Luxedesign by DAT is one of the experts in interior design Dubai creating various design ideas and concepts including luxury interior design in Dubai. Our team creates versatile and functional designs perfect for your future home. We are more than happy to assist you with your designs.

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