Conception Stage

Our expert designers work on every component and detail for interior design in Dubai, from the planning to the completion stage. Interior design companies in Dubai work in such an innovative approach that facilitates the conception of top-notch designs.

Adaptable Design

We know that everyone has different expectations for their villa interior design. Thus, we create design ideas with the most adaptable features that will give you the liberty to transform the design into a more personalized and comfortable home.


We employ sustainable and reliable practices while creating interior design solutions for our clients. As one of the leading Interior Design Companies in Dubai, we integrate sustainability and innovation for more environment-friendly designs.

World-Class Materials

Each and every material that we use in our interior design projects is selected with complete precision by our architects. Our objective is to offer the best interior design solutions that are backed by solid and quality materials.

Widespread Reach

Luxedesign, as the top Interior design companies in Dubai, has expertise and skill in designing the simplest to the most innovative and versatile luxury villas that surely fulfill the needs of clients from all around the world.

Specialized Support

Our architects and interior designers ensure that our clients receive holistic support from our end throughout the process of interior design in Dubai. We back them at all times as their satisfaction is our top priority.




We at Luxedesign by DAT, believe that everyone has the right to live in their dream homes. Our dedicated designers and architects create amazing design masterpiece that can captivate you. We combine aesthetic elements with practicality in our villa designs. Our approach, amongst the best Interior design companies in Dubai, is underpinned by the best architectural principles and our clients’ needs.

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Our Project Gallery

Our custom interior designs ensure that you can live in the home that you have always envisioned.

Creating Valuable Solutions with the Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Our designers integrate creative elements in our interior design solutions to offer you an ideal home

Expertise in Contemporary Italian Villa Design in Dubai

Our designers and architects have mastered designing the perfect Italianate villas. We combine beauty, convenience, and luxury to give our clients the perfect Italian Villa design in Dubai. The luxury private houses and villas that we design offer the key elements of Italian culture, luxury. Our interior designers always ensure that contemporary Italian interior design meets the culture of Dubai. 


The open and airy layout of the modern villa design promises that you will enjoy a relaxed and lavish life in your home. Our modern villa design ideas come with casual as well as decorative interior design. The rooms are spacious and well ventilated which adds to the beauty of these villas. One of the key features of interior design in Dubai that our clients enjoy is the well-lit and spacious kitchen. Our designers make it a point to incorporate rich architectural ideas and expectations of our clients while working on Villa Design in Dubai.


It’s our authentic designing technique that helps us create the most captivating and modern villa design masterpiece. We promise to deliver the ideal villas that encompass embedded Italian elements.  Our expert designers ensure that our clients enjoy Italian architectural designs to the fullest. The perfect blend of modern and traditional elements will make sure that every corner of your interior design exhibits authentic Italian characteristics. If you are looking for the perfect Italian flair, our craftsmen can extend reliable expertise in interior design in Dubai for you. 

One-stop Solution for Best Interior Design in Dubai

Our interior design experts know that every nook and corner of your home space matters. The element of creativity can be found in every element of our solutions for interior design in Dubai. The well-detailed and consistent layout creates a perfect ambiance in our customers’ homes. Our expert designers incorporate innovative features to ensure that our design solutions are ideal for your entire family.


We employ top-notch craftsmanship to ensure that our clients’ Modern Villa designs are luxurious and cozy. Our architects believe in incorporating high-end features in homes that give add distinctive charm. We ensure that there exists a synergy between innovative solutions and reliable interior design in Dubai. The exclusive finishes in the homes promise to give a refined look to your personal space. Our interior designs perfectly strike a balance between modern and classical sensibility.


In order to create ultimate value for our clients, we emphasize on lighting design as well. We believe that interior design is incomplete without proper lighting. Lighting that complements the aesthetic attributes of the design is always used. Our original designs represent hospitality, comfort, and creativity. We incorporate all of the essential design elements in a villa and other kinds of interior spaces with all the understanding of our clients’ concept of a perfect interior design in Dubai. 

Do you wish to join us and master home designing?

You can be a part of our creative team and help set new trends in interior design in Dubai.

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Blissful life in an ideal home

Our passionate craftsmen promise that you can create special memories in your ideal home. You can enjoy the most luxurious lifestyle in your home as the interior design blends aesthetic with functional elements.


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