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Common Interior Design Mistakes that Experts Spot

Common Interior Design Mistakes | Luxedesign Blogs

Published on May 16, 2021

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However, knowing the basics is as essential as getting ideas on common interior design mistakes. These flaws are frequently committed in decision-making regarding the right furniture, experimenting with color schemes, and other design elements involved in the project, especially without the guidance of experts such as interior designers. Even the smallest misjudged decisions can negatively affect the whole design. So, if you often get confused about your design verdicts, here are some in and outs to help you fix common interior design improprieties.


Experts Speak about Common Interior Design Mistakes

Experts from Interior design companies in Dubai speak about these common mistakes that can be avoided beforehand. Knowing the basic rules is not enough to create a perfect interior design, but learning how to fairly fix decor imperfections or to spot them before they happen will give you a heads-up. 

No Definitive Planning
Any design project starts with a planning stage or else it will surely be a bungle. A simple design plan may include established guidelines on how to make the design concept and elements that are compatible with the whole design and space. Small projects may not need a complete set of scaled drawings but at least an evaluated design plan should be created and set a list of needed things and materials to avoid overspending. Regardless of the size of the design project, it is necessary to come up with a consistent design concept and color palette, and then everything will follow.

Impractical Budgeting
This is actually one of the major reasons for project failures. Overspending even on a few pieces, unfortunately, can snap the entire project in an instant. Everyone should realize the importance of establishing feasible and proper budgeting to avoid any wasted money, material, time, and effort. Proper budgeting starts with the confirmation of the proposed and available budget for the project before any expenditure. Then set a checklist of every material, furniture, and other supplies needed for the project. It might need quite a bit of deliberation and calculation if you are doing the project on your own. But if you have your interior designer, it will be a hassle-free task. Interior design companies in Dubai will help out in setting up specifications on practical design materials and supplies the project will need. Remember to set an extra budget for contingency backups.

Unestablished Focal Point
Creating one prominent focal point per interior space will draw attention and attract the eye in an instant. Establish a focal point that will act as an anchor and pull other elements together creating a harmonious interior design. A set of furniture featuring artwork or an architectural feature such as a large window, fireplace, or grand staircase can be a focal point. After setting up the main attraction, you can then further draw more attention through the proper layout of decors pointing back to the focal point. 

Everything should Match
Interior design decors do not have to be all in a matching style, doing so might result in a boring and analogous space. Add some character into the design that will create mix-and-match features. Choose design features that express uniqueness, suit your personality, provide a comfortable living space, and add proper vibes to the design. Do not be in a rush on decorating your interior space, rather, take your time to evaluate and appreciate every idea and selection that you have.

Wrong Size Area Rugs
Area rugs help in defining a space and its purpose adds depth to a room, and balance design elements. When choosing a rug for a certain space, it is important to consider the design plan, concept, and color scheme to make sure that they will all be balanced. The correct size of rugs differs in the size of the space and furniture included. A great example is a rug used in a living room. It should be wide enough to fit the front feet of the furniture, or even better, large enough to completely fit the whole furniture.

Sole Light Source
Proper lighting features improve every interior space especially when it lacks natural lighting. Having a single light source in a room or space is not ideal because it either provides dim or even flashy lighting. Visualize the effect of the lighting feature into your design before purchasing or installing anything, take note that poor lighting changes the ambient of the interior space. Mindfully choose the lighting features to ensure that every particular room or space is properly lit and comfortable. A practical lighting plan includes overall and task lighting that enables people to perform tasks individually or at the same time. Accent lighting can perfectly accentuate focal points creating aesthetically improved highlights.

Vague Size Furniture
Many people fail to properly integrate scale and proportion into their interior design, usually, by selecting the wrong size of furniture and decorative pieces. Furniture varies in size which needs deep consideration before any purchase. It is a common thought that if the interior space is large, the furniture should all be large, as well if the space is evidently small, decorate it with small-scale furnishings, too. Regardless of the size of the interior space, it is ideal to have a blend of various sizes, shapes, and heights which adds interest and variety to the design and takes proportion into consideration. In a living room, whether large or small, it is fine to use large-size furniture sets such as sofas and add smaller pieces such as side tables, vases, and other decors. Balancing small or large furnishings helps to avoid a feeling of congestion.

Learning how to improve your interior design through comprehending these common mistakes may help you to easily upgrade your projects. These ideas will help you better understand that knowing the basics is not enough. There are still more of these common fallacies which are not included in the list. Always remember that each design project has its own flaws that may need a different remedy. So, it is still better to hire designers from an expert interior design company in Dubai to have a hassle-free process rather than compromising your own project.

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