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How To Glam Up Your Interior Design

Glam Interior Design | Interior Design in Dubai

Published on August 28, 2021

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Every interior design style and concept has its own characteristics which made them stand out and create their own spotlights. Glam interior design is an over-the-top and opulent design style, perfect for those who love making a statement. To achieve a perfect glam style is to provide a sophisticated and dramatic interior design without the overwhelming feeling of over-decoration. It is important to know how to infuse and balance every single piece of decor together with the overall concept to perfectly create a harmony that will please the eye.


How to Glam up your Interior Designs

Establish a tri-color palette for your interior design with a combination of a metallic shine. Use gold, silver, or bronze; a neutral color: black, gray, or white hues; and any accent jewel tones: pink, violet, green, red, blue, or any vivid color that suits your taste.

Add shapes and forms with elegant curves and angles to blend in plenty of character and infuse visual interest into a design. 

Introduce a lot of shine and shimmers into your interior design with polished metals, crystals, or lighting fixtures to create visual impact and may build an instant focal point for the interior space.

Balance every single thing to avoid having a deal of scattered eye-catching pieces, instead, create a focal point with the most striking decor and built other pieces around it, and create a little more subdued in comparison.

Go bold with colors and prints, consider choosing one that uses neutral hues.

Make sure to have straighter lines whenever a piece of furniture features a bold hue.

15 Glam Interior Design Decors

  • Brass Bar Cart
  • Tufted, Channeled, Nailhead Trim, or Studded Edge Furniture
  • Gold or Brass Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Gold Frame Mirrors
  • Mirrored Furniture
  • Velvet Furniture
  • Faux Fur Benches and Stools
  • Animal Print Rugs and Pillowcases
  • Faux Fur Throw Blanket
  • Vintage Style Rug
  • Marble Surfaces
  • Metallic Accents
  • Dramatic Lighting Fixtures
  • Natural or Faux Floral Arrangements


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