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Defining the Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Dubai

Most Popular Styles for Interior Design in Dubai | Luxedesign

Published on May 23, 2021

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You need not be baffled by the numerous options for creating the best interior design style and concept for your space. Interior design in Dubai experts provides the most suitable and relevant ideas for residential, corporate, and commercial interior design needs. To help you more on your wander to the world of interior design, here are some ideas about the in-demand styles and concepts demystified by one of the top interior design companies in Dubai.


5 Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Dubai

There are numerous interior design styles to choose from, however, there are five that stand out and are known to be the most popular ones for interior design in Dubai. These styles came in favor and were supported because of their versatility and diversified features which are definitely efficient in supporting the city's vision of sustainability and innovation. Every interior designer in Dubai also considers the diverse culture and society in their design feasibility which, in fact, makes it more challenging and interesting. Providing the best interior design solution with quality-guaranteed results to clients fulfills the goals of top interior design companies in Dubai.

Modern Interior Design

This design style features open and functional spaces, sleek furniture, a focus on monochromatic to more neutral color palettes, expresses the natural character of materials, and edgy structure attributes built from concrete, steel, and glass. The modern interior design eliminates excessive and classic ornaments allowing a simple, fresh, spacious, and fuss-free space. The modern design approach creates the optimum conditions for artistic characteristics and self-expression, providing room for experimentation and a canvas for playing with white monochrome space. Clean lines, geometric shapes, sleek materials, functional furniture, and practical decor pieces that create forms and connect with each other will establish an overall serene aesthetic.

Contemporary Interior Design

It has been a common thought to some that modern and contemporary interior designs are similar styles in every way, which makes it harder for them to differentiate the two. These design styles may have common features but vary on some design rules and principles. The contemporary interior design dubai follows modern style, which is a fact, yet it is more flexible when it comes to integrating on-trend decor and concepts. It also emphasizes smooth, clean, geometric shapes, just like modern style, but may fuse more flowy and curvy elements and structure attributes. Its color palette, as well, focuses on monochromatic to neutrals, but on top of it, adds bold and vivid colors to accentuate the style. The usage of modern materials such as concrete, steel, and glass in a contemporary design style is evident. However, highlights the introduction of adaptable material trends such as wood, tiles, stones, and others.


Minimalist Interior Design

This design style is largely influenced by Japanese tradition which can be described as the ultimate denotation of simplicity. Minimalist interior design, most likely, inspired by modern design style, focuses on an open floor plan, natural lighting, simple and practical furnishings, and wood finishes, and uses neutral color palettes. A minimalist design strips down space into its most distinct and functional form providing the simplest essential quality lifestyle.

Industrial Interior Design 

Industrial interior design is a coherent, unique, flexible, and lofty style inspired by industrial structures such as warehouses, factories, and others. One of the interesting benefits of this style is the freedom of customizing the design with unconventional and restored materials, decors, and furnishings. The industrial design style stresses sustainability and eco-friendly methods by encouraging the usage of recovered materials including metals, wood, and bricks. It utilizes neutral color schemes layered with effective lighting features, natural and bare-finished materials, and decors that provide unique and bold textures.

Classic Interior Design

A timeless interior design style that follows simple rules of order, symmetry, and balance. Classic interior design represents elegance through the compelling harmony of grand decors, focal points, color schemes, fabrications, and other accessories. Classic design style uses materials like stone, marble, or wood for flooring and furniture finishes. Velvet, silk, and cotton fabrics for accessories such as pillows and curtains. Nature-inspired hues such as yellow, blue, green, and brown, off-whites, and muffled colors like terracotta, beige, grey, and pink are often used on the color palette. For color accents, jewel shades and metallics are perfect providing opulence and sheer to the style.

Top interior design companies in Dubai shared their expert ideas to come in handy for anyone who is interested in trendy styles for interior design in Dubai. Take note that this list of info will guide you to better understand the meaning and factors of these five most popular interior design styles in Dubai, however, hiring experts can help you build them into reality. Luxe design and its expert team of interior designers in Dubai offer services with unique and trendy approaches to all of these five popular design styles and many more.

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