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Interior design is an artistic and scientific method of enhancing the interiors of a structure, mainly focusing on how we experience the interior spaces through aesthetics and functions of the design. An effective interior design creates comfortable homes, functional workplaces, delighting public spaces.

Interior Design

We create interior design in Dubai inspired by Italian style, which showcases luxury in every layer of the design. Every single detail is of high quality and intricate details to perfectly attain the luxury interior design concept. Luxury interior design is an extremely vague term that relates to aesthetics and a grand lifestyle. The concept of luxury interior design in Dubai can be attained through various styles, such as modern, contemporary, classic, glam, neoclassical, and minimalist interior design, each of them can bring new to the visual palate. Luxedesign ponders and incorporates luxury elements into our interior design such as grandness, spaciousness, and opulence, which determines the level of luxury articulated in the designs.

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Customized Interior Design | Luxedesign


An interior space is said to be unique when the design itself is made to be customized, putting a personalized touch into the design. The collaboration of the owners and designers plays a huge role in creating a distinctive interior design that would probably stand out. Having a balanced design concept and customization all throughout the design process will help harmonize the whole design creating a perfect and unique interior design result. When talking about customized design, the main idea is to consider the essentials of the owners and how they like it to be personalized. The integration of their design ideas adds a more personalized design showcasing their lifestyle and customs, which is very significant in interior design.

Comfortable Interior Design by Luxedesign


Creating an interior space with harmonized design elements provides a unified essence, which affects the mood inside the space. A comfortable interior design can be distinguished depending on the mood that is appropriate to the purpose of the space. It is important that the interior design extends a stress-relieving characteristic, which can be achieved through an established harmony of colors, shapes and patterns, sizes and textures, and rhythm of furniture and other design elements. Hence, balanced design elements create a comfortable interior design.

Comfortable Interior Design by Luxedesign
Interior Design Aesthetics by Luxedesign


The visual effects of every interior design are an important factor to achieve a pleasing aesthetic. Point of interest determines the part of the interior space where it is perfect to play with emphasis and focal points. There are certain parts of the space that are considered points of interest such as a window with a beautiful view. To enhance the space is quite interesting and challenging.  Designers usually play with furniture arrangements to give emphasis on the focal point. Unique and large design pieces like furniture or other design decors can build a focal point. Visual effects can also be upgraded with lines, colors, forms, and textures that are balanced without exact duplication.


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Modern Interior Design in Dubai
Modern Interior Design by Luxedesign

The most significant fundamental of modern design is ‘form follows function’, which literary conveys the simplicity of the design concept. Modern interior design is a fuss-free method of designing a space, which needs lesser design accessories, basic geometric shapes, and a simpler color palette.

Modern Interior Design

The modern interior design portrays clean lines, spacious rooms without structural limitations, an emphasis on a neutral color palette, and gives attention to utility and function. Modern design practices a sense of simplicity in every design element, such as sleek furniture and fewer accessories. The use of materials such as metal, glass, and steel reflects the innovative concept of modernism. We articulate soul into modern interior design in Dubai by emulating a lot of natural light and clean open design. Luxury modern design is all about the austerity of sleek sophistication achieved through integrating metallic accents into the design.

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Modern Interior Design Arts and Colors Luxedesign

Arts and Colors

Modernist arts are representations of expressive artworks with vibrant colors and unique forms, such as abstract art, cubism, and fauvism which perfectly fit the neutral interiors of a modern design. Modern interior design plays with a neutral color scheme with minimal yet striking bold primary colors as accents that brighten up the design. Bold colors can be added through furniture pieces, large pieces of artwork, or rugs in red, yellow, blue, balancing the black and white as the main neutrals of the interior. A perfect balance of colors and decorative elements of an interior design harmonizes the space, creating an aesthetical and well-designed living space.

Modern Interior Design Lines and Finishes Luxedesign

Lines and Finishes

Modern interior design is distinguished by its simplicity. It strongly portrays simple and clean horizontal and vertical lines often emphasized in furniture and decors. Designers generally choose furniture with straight lines and restrained use of decoration for modern interior design. Any kind of ornates are certainly unnecessary in modern design, stripping embellished options for furniture or fixtures in the design. Hence, use furniture and decors with plain fabric and avoid bold patterns or prints. Modern architecture is a representation of the true finishes of modern materials, such as natural shades of wood, stainless steel, slate, marble, concrete, and the palette is always kept natural and subtle, letting the natural colors and textures of the materials show. 

Modern Interior Design Lines and Finishes Luxedesign
Modern Interior Design Open-plan Layout

Open-plan Layout

An open-plan layout is a must for modern home interior design. A modern interior space has to allow its occupants to live well, making them feel comfortable while enjoying the moments of their daily lives. Modern design presents bright and minimal open-plan spaces with subtle and familiar color palettes created by natural and modern materials and its functional floor plans that attest to everyday life. Open-planning is a modern interior design method of creating a wider interior space with few or no internal partition walls. It is generally used for common areas such as living room, dining room, and kitchen, establishing a wider and fresher interior space.

Contemporary Interior Design Luxedesign
Contemporary Interior Design Dubai Luxedesign

Contemporary interior design refers to the current styles or trends blended with different design concepts with the integration of innovation. It is a design concept that is adaptable and constantly evolving, yet will never go out of style and is easy to update with the newest design trend.

Contemporary Interior Design

If you love to mix and match, contemporary interior design is for you. Contemporary design is a collection of a huge range of design styles such as modern, classic, victorian, and other styles mixed with the latest design trends. Contemporary interior design can be as simple as a combination of wood finishes, whites, and a touch of vintage, or looks flashy by using bold colors, curve shapes, and statement decors for high ceilings, floors, and light fixtures. Luxury contemporary interior design completely depends on the aesthetic decors you add that compliments into the design like statement arts and metallic accents. Creating a contemporary interior design in Dubai gives our designers the opportunity to play more with their creativeness and ability to furnish a unique and exciting interior design.

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Contemporary Interior Design Luxedesign
Contemporary Interior Design Dubai Luxedesign

Contemporary interior design refers to the current styles or trends blended with different design concepts with the integration of innovation. It is a design concept that is adaptable and constantly evolving, yet will never go out of style and is easy to update with the newest design trend.

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Accessorized  Contemporary Interior Design Luxedesign

Get Smoothly Accessorized

Contemporary interior design leans toward linear design and simple decoration, adding warmth and texture through natural fabrics, pops of candid color and curvy shapes. The usage of neutral color scheme, sleek furnishings, open spaces, natural light, and organic-inspired accessories completes the essence of contemporary design and creates a more comfortable and welcoming interior space. Proper lighting is the utmost design element in contemporary interiors, giving an impressive visual effect to other design elements. Light fixtures with metallic finishes give a clean contrast from the sleek furniture and create a distinguished look. Flooring options in contemporary design include natural stone tile, dramatic dark wood planks, or stained concrete. Wall to wall area rugs and carpets made with natural fibers provide a relaxed, inviting look and feel.

Contemporary Interior Design Neutrals and Pops of Color

Neutrals and Pops of Color

Neutral colors create the foundation of contemporary design such as white, taupe, beige, brown, cream, black, and gray. To break the monotonous theme by using neutral shades with interesting undertones, such as gray with blue, red, yellow, or add some accent by popping up some colors with artwork, upholstery, or a focal wall. Organic or natural fabrics such as linen, silk, wool, and cotton adds texture, warmth, and visual interest to contemporary design. Fabrics with geometric and abstract prints for decorative pillows, rugs, or a throw fits the design.

Contemporary Interior Design Neutrals and Pops of Color
Contemporary Interior Design Sleek Furniture

Sleek Furniture

Furnishings with clean lines and smooth surfaces innate contemporary design. The sleek features of the contemporary furniture allows a range of customizing the space in trend. Contemporary interior design is all about simplicity and not over-decorating or ornaments.
Furniture with upholstery and wood finishes like light wood tones and stains in shades like blond maple or natural birch brightens the design and adds a natural touch. Keep the mood light and break the equilibrium of the design with glass and metallic surfaces.

Classic Interior Design Dubai
Classic Interior Design Luxedesign

Classic interior design is an everlasting sophisticated style that presents luxury and elegance in all aspects. This interior design is full of luxury elements from the main structure finishes into the decorations, noting in this style is underestimated. The classical ornaments and moldings on the walls, ceilings, posts, and furniture create a sophisticated classic design.

Classic Interior Design

Classic interior design in Dubai exudes elegance. The decors and design often exhibit the country’s rich culture, show off classic art, and uses warm and bare color palettes that reflect classical style. Classic design renders depth, layering, and dimensionality by utilizing design elements such as sumptuous furnishings, a lavish of accessories, intricate and ornate details and fabrics, wood finishes, and a variety of textures and patterns. The design should also evinces symmetry and order, which deliberates calmness and sophistication. Our classic interior design contemplates the fundamentals of classical style and significantly portrays elegant and grandeur features to create an aesthetically pleasing design masterpiece.  

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Classic Interior Design Colors and Ornates Luxedesign

Colors and Ornates

Classic design is all about elegance with light color schemes inspired by nature like shades of yellow, blue, green, brown, and softer muted colors such as terracotta, grey, and pink to a bit of trend. To attain a more authentic classical look go for whites to off-whites but for a more contemporary look, brighter whites are perfect. It is also important to consider the lighting of the interior space to determine the proper color scheme like choosing a lighter color if the space doesn’t get enough natural light, and pick a darker color if the space gets too much natural light. Decorative accessories for classic design represent grandeur and elegance. A great example is the classic fibers such as velvet, silk, and linen, which are not overly ornate or even attention-grabbing yet adds elegance through texture and quality. The sheen given by wooden, stone, and marble floorings complements the classical style.

Classic Interior Design Focal Points Luxedesign

Focal Points

Setting a focal point in your interior space helps draw attention and balances rhythm in an interior design. It is the emphasis point where other decorative accessories are built. A focal point of a classic interior design can be in the form of a large mirror, any wooden statue, a beautiful piece of wooden art, or beautiful furniture. It is also important that the other accessories in the design should be in accordance with the focal point. Picking the right furniture for classic interior design is all about functionality and aesthetics that perfectly complements the classical look and vibe of the design. Classic design pieces like artworks in large frames, cornice and moldings, antique furniture, and other decors establish a genuine classic interior design.

Classic Interior Design Focal Points Luxedesign
Order, Symmetry, and Balance in Classic Interior Design Order, Symmetry, and Balance

Order, Symmetry, and Balance

Creating balance in a classic interior design is a challenge. Balance requires having equal proportions of the colors, texture, layout, and pattern of the designs, which mirrors order and symmetry. Classic interior design elements should always complement each other such as the furnishing elements arranged in a symmetrical and harmonious manner, which are two key features in creating balance and welcoming space while keeping the classical look. The furnishing accessories are delicate, refined, and complement with the other art elements such as framed pictures or statues. A grand but always balanced and ordered approach is seen in the furnishings, walls, doors, and windows that helps in establishing the cozy and comfortable look without compromising the elegance and opulence.

Glam Interior Design in Dubai
Glam Interior Design by Luxedesign

This design style has a more disciplined opulence, wherein the classic luxury elements are integrated with contemporary style. Glam interior design depicts a more organized arrangement of grand decorations, adding luxury accessories on trends rather than classical ones. Most glam designs are on the sleek chic luxury styles highlighting on the metallic accents.

Glam Interior Design

Glam interior design is a toned-down combination of classic and contemporary style that emphasizes the austerity of glamour. The decors purely flaunt luxury and sophistication through metallic accents and ornates, extravagant furniture, and bold color accents to strike the opulence and functionality in a glamorous design. A glam design isn’t complete without a statement piece, it may be a furniture, lighting, a piece of art, or accents. At Luxedesign, we elaborate patterns and moldings, add highlights and trendy styles into the design to effectively achieve a glam interior design.

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Glam Interior Design in Dubai
Glam Interior Design by Luxedesign

This design style has a more disciplined opulence, wherein the classic luxury elements are integrated with contemporary style. Glam interior design depicts a more organized arrangement of grand decorations, adding luxury accessories on trends rather than classical ones. Most glam designs are on the sleek chic luxury styles highlighting on the metallic accents.

More About Glam Interior Design

Bold colors and Details Glam Interior Design

Bold colors and Details

Glamorous interior design is all about creating a big statement, a better way to do it is with bold colors and clamorous patterns. Pick a color, often a combination of a dominant neutral color, accent color, and bold color, which should utilize and compliment each other in the design. Details are very crucial in glam design, such as furniture are in a timeless, elegant look of tufted upholstery and regal personality. In glam design, luxurious fabrics especially velvet, silk, and fur is a must-have and also adds a soothing texture. Detailed art is not taken extremely but sassy and unusual arts such as odd sculptures, flickering portraits, eccentric colors, animal prints, and extravagant chinoiserie decorations and unexpected patterns. The color and decorative details portray a dramatic statement like the idea of large, bold wallpaper, bright, saturated accent walls, deliberate clashings of color, or anything that will make your space pop up.

Glam Interior Design Play with Shapes

Play with Shapes

Integrating shapes into glam design is a great technique to immerse a lot of personality and attitude. A perfect way to disperse shapes into the design is through light fixtures, as are accessories and decor items as well. Decors that are full of elegant curves and lots of angles add visual interest and character to the design. It is nice to play around with a variety of different shapes and sizes into the design but remember to balance everything and give the interior space a sense of cohesion

Glam Interior Design Play with Shapes
Glam Interior Design Shine and Shimmer

Shine and Shimmer

Glam design is all about making a statement, and shine is absolutely an effective element to catch and demand attention. A little shimmer is not enough but a lot of luster is needed into glam design to stand out. Shine and shimmer can be introduced through metals and crystals incorporated with lighting elements, which both create visual effects and can act as focal points. Metals are undoubtedly on-trend and can easily be used as a shining element with its polished finish. Crystals on chandeliers and through other decorative accessories strongly gives a shine impact and an extravagant look, which is perfect for glam interior design. Balance is always the key into glamorous design, eye-catching focal points with shines and shimmers should always complement with other design elements to avoid overwhelming design.

Neoclassical Interior Design in Dubai
Neoclassical Interior Design by Luxedesign

Neoclassical design is a scaled version of classic style that adds the new taste for simpler classic furniture and design elements. The color scheme focuses on neutral tones mostly on whites to greyish hues. Neoclassical interior design offers a sleek luxury look.

Neoclassical Interior Design

The neo-classical interior design features the grandness that is characterized and adapted from classism with a modern twist. Neoclassical design imitates elements like wall-beading, tall pillars and pilasters, and grand ceilings using modern materials such as concrete, aluminum, and steel. The design mostly uses white color schemes and design accessories such as grand chandeliers and other classical designs in the modern medium that emphasize scale and simplicity of geometric forms, and details like dramatic use of columns, and a preference for blank walls. Interior designers basically describe the neoclassical design as a simplified classic design through trimming down the intricate ornamental designs creating a more clarified design. 

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More About Neoclassical Interior Design

Neoclassical Interior Design Furniture by Luxedesign

Classic Furniture

Neoclassical interior design is basically the simple version of classic design, which means almost all of the design features are the same yet toned-down. The furniture in the neoclassical style is simple and symmetrical mostly with dark wood finishes. Aesthetic ornaments, stone and marble floors, and vintage-designed carpets can be seen in neoclassical interiors. Classic and luxurious fabrics such as silk, linen, velvet, and brocade are commonly used to add texture and pattern to the interior design. Sitting areas portray common features of chaise lounges and high-quality and luxurious upholstery. Though neoclassical design uses classic and luxurious design elements, ostentatious is being stripped down into simplicity to be sleeker than classic design.

Neoclassical Interior Design Colors by Luxedesign


The neoclassical aesthetic combines luxury and opulence yet provides a relaxed living space with elegant aura and charm. Neoclassical style colors are often mild such as cream, gray, blue, yellow, and green with highlight or accents colors like polished black, red, gold, and silver. Modest floral themes are usually integrated from floor to ceiling to add a chic vibe. The color pattern of neoclassical design features a low-contrast palette to maintain the sleek but classic theme.

Neoclassical Interior Design Colors by Luxedesign
Neoclassical Interior Design Decorative Pattern by Luxedesign

Decorative Pattern

Timeless beauty and elegance are effortlessly displayed by neoclassical designs. The aesthetics are more modest and simple, neoclassical design is indeed a transcending era of luxury. The pattern regarding decorations in neoclassical interior design includes urns, jugs, porcelain, pottery, statues, and other luxury accessories. Generally infuses large mirrors, flowers, artwork, and decorative moldings ornate neoclassical walls and ceilings. Floral decorations are often seen in pillows, rugs, and wall designs. Common features also cover paneling and molding that imitates classical columns, and a lot of wood elements in furniture.

Minimal Interior Design by Luxedesign
Minimal Interior Design in Dubai by Luxedesign

‘Less is more’ is the best way to describe the minimal interior design, which also inspired modern architecture back in the 20th century. Minimalist design incorporates open floor plans, natural lighting, and sleek furnishings that are functional and comfortable creating a timeless aesthetics with soothing and inviting space.

Minimal Interior Design

Minimal interior design is characterized by discipline and concise decoration, predominantly achieved by using functional furniture and interior elements, basic geometric shapes, and a combination of not more than two basic colors. Minimalism is all about ‘less is more’, which means it only incorporates simple and functional decorative design elements for a sleek and candid aesthetic design. Simplicity is the best word to describe the minimal design, which is also the fundamental of modernism. Luxedesign integrates luxury yet observing the ‘less is more’ rule of minimal interior design and follows the purpose to make the structure stand out and become the heart of the design. 

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Minimal Interior Design by Luxedesign
Minimal Interior Design in Dubai by Luxedesign

‘Less is more’ is the best way to describe the minimal interior design, which also inspired modern architecture back in the 20th century. Minimalist design incorporates open floor plans, natural lighting, and sleek furnishings that are functional and comfortable creating a timeless aesthetics with soothing and inviting space.

More About Minimal Interior Design

Luxedesign Minimalist Interior Design Form


Minimalism highlights the structure itself and not any kind of decoration. The design lets the simplicity of the structure stand out with its unique form and beauty. Clean lines, reductive, uncluttered, monochromatic, and simplicity portray the concept of less is more, which is all about minimalist design. As simple as we describe the minimalist interior design, the more deliberate it takes to actually achieve the look. Yet, founding with the main idea of less is more, creating a minimalist design should be as serene and simple. It is significant in minimalist interior design to ensure that the aesthetics should never outweigh the other, and the need to justify the existence of each element when bringing in new items.

Luxedesign Minimalist Interior Design Focus


Minimalist interior design sets its focus on keeping the space simple, uncluttered, and open. The color palette is mostly monochromatic and hardly uses color but as an accent. Open-planning and lots of light reflecting into the interior mainly highlighting the space itself. Well-built sleek line furnishings without heavy and bold ornaments keeps the space free and simple. Decorations are not absolutely restricted but minimized into its simplest design. Share of covetable, collectible accessories for a touch of personality ultimately makes the space a unique look. A gallery-like effect to display oversized vases or bonafide pieces of artwork that require a dedicated place in the spotlight are often integrated into the minimalist interior design to smoothly break the monotonous look.

Luxedesign Minimalist Interior Design Focus
Luxedesign Minimalist Interior Design Function


Minimalism and functionality go together as a whole concept. Every furnishing and space within the design should be functional and adds value to the space. Minimalist design is a great way in making small spaces larger because it is all about the beauty of the refined design, where too many furnishings and features are simply not needed. Multifunctional furniture is often used such as seats and tables with storage areas. These fixtures and furniture also help in decluttering and maximizing the livable space. Remember to keep it simple, tone everything down, pare everything back, and follow the "less is more" approach to create a minimalist design that can be beautiful, comfortable, rich, and inviting.



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