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We have got a vast of villa design ideas for you to get inspired and prompt your design with our design team. From our expertise in Italian design and the versatility of our villa design team, we are confident to render unique and luxurious designs for you. Villa design in Dubai portrays Middle Eastern luxuriance and glamour which makes it easier for us to integrate Italian luxury, especially with interior designs. The elegance and luxe of any villa design project leave a grand impression and also increases the value of the place, which is also a great investment for the future.

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Modern Villa Design

Modern villa design characterizes an open, fresh, and relaxed layout that complements an informal lifestyle and try to bring as much of the exterior into the interior of the house as possible. Modern Italian concept features interconnected spaces such as a casual living room, vivid spacious kitchen, and view oriented dining spaces. Most interior designers today, whether enthusiasts of classic designs or modern designs, design living spaces with lots of light and air in mind. At Luxedesign, we integrate modern villa design in Dubai with Italian style and emphasize open, well-lighted, airy spaces, and a touch of luxury. It is also important to incorporate sustainable design aspects into any kind of villa design concept to ensure maintenance-free living, energy-efficient usage, and lasting value. 

Modern Villa Design in Dubai
Contemporary Villa Design in Dubai by Luxedesign

Contemporary Villa Design

Contemporary Villa Design revolves around the concepts of fun, color, and well-defined shapes, and emphasizes trends, which represents its conspicuous concept. Contemporary design contains neutral elements and bold colors, and they focus on the fundamentals of line, shape, and form. Contemporary bold is a part of Italian design that takes a completely contrasting aesthetic technique compared to its more refined counterparts, centralizing design around colors and shapes to express creativity, but not excluding elegance. Our team focuses on the creativity part of the contemporary bold concept of Italian design and blends it with the essentials of villa designs in Dubai.

Classic Villa Design

Classic Villa Design is known for its perennial aesthetics and intricate designs adapted from ancient Roman times. Basically, Italian design originated from the Roman classic design, which influences its grandeur and elegant design features. Classic designs typically use marbles, durable stone, bricks, and concrete for the structure, mainly for the trabeated. We modishly and carefully furnish Classic villa designs in Dubai to avoid overdesigning, instead produce luxurious yet aesthetical villa designs. Our designers create Italian classic designs using an integrated exterior and interior design that would reflect traditional aesthetics in a seamless blend with other main design concepts such as modern and contemporary design.

Classic Villa Designs in Dubai by Luxedesign
Glam Villa Designs iby Luxedesign

Glam Villa Design

Glam Villa Design is essentially a blend of three main design concepts such as modern, contemporary, classic, and other styles, wherein glamour is greatly emphasized. Glam design is all about ornate, lavish, and hits the perfect balance of grandeur and functionality. Some might not easily differentiate glam design from other luxurious styles but there are certain elements which makes it exceptional. At Luxedesign, our design team uses embellished detailing, luxurious fabrics and prints, and metallics to help create extravagant villa designs. Your villa will certainly become a representation of your glamorous lifestyle.