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Villa High Ceiling Design and Decor Tips

Villa Design in Dubai | High Ceiling Design and Decor | Luxedesign

Published on July 12, 2021

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What is considered a high ceiling?

Numerous villa design in Dubai feature eight-foot to nine-foot ceilings which are considered the standard ceiling height. And anything above the nine-foot mark is usually considered a high ceiling. Many two-story villas in Dubai set a high ceiling mark from the first to the second floor for their living rooms. These rooms can feature estimated twenty-foot ceilings creating a beautiful open space. This architectural and interior design concept has grown increasingly popular in recent years, especially in newly constructed homes. 

Interior Designs with High Ceilings

Interior designs with high ceilings offer a great chance to express grand concepts and more buoyant styles. This additional vertical space will require cautious decorating to make the room feels grand and luxurious, and even to avoid cold and empty room vibes. An interior space with high ceilings can look quite awful if not properly designed, so, don’t just ignore its existence as it can make a huge difference. Try to use some expert tips from Interior design companies in Dubai such as blending the upper and lower areas while drawing the eye upwards with captivating decors and highlights. Make the most of your soaring ceilings by integrating effective bits of advice on decorating interiors with a high ceiling feature.

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