Perfect decor that can transform your house into a perfect home

Your home is the ultimate space that you can call your own. You must incorporate attractive and inspiring decors so that others can take inspiration from them. Presently, Italian designs have captivated people because of their diverse styles and unique architectural elements. If you want your home to embrace Italian culture, the expert designers from Luxedesign can offer the best design and décor solutions.

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We offer some of the most durable and rich Italianate décor and interior design. Incorporating these styles can surely increase the aesthetic value of your home. The icing on the cake is that you can choose from a diverse range of unique Italian designs that can enhance your home’s beauty. Many creative home design décor ideas can add elegance to your home. Here is a list of perfect décor solutions that you must consider while decorating your home.

Spacious and well-ventilated kitchen

The décor of the kitchen is an essential thing that many people neglect from their home design. Poor kitchen design can make the place cramped and clumsy. But you do not have to worry about that, thanks to our professional architectures at Luxedesign. We incorporate Italian style so that you have the perfect kitchen, which is well-lit and airy. Our décor can ensure that you can feel work and cozy while working in your kitchen.


We combine the best architectural element to blend beauty and functionality in your kitchen. You can choose from a diverse range of designs to create the perfect kitchen at your home. If you want to go with the rustic Italian look, we will offer the best decor solutions. 

Attractive wall panels for your living room

The interior design and décor of your living room act as the reflection of your entire home. We at Luxedesign integrate the best Italian characteristics in every nook and corner of this space. Our decorative wall panels can give a striking look to your living room design. The best thing is that you can choose from many textures, colors, and styles to create the perfect Italian atmosphere.


In order to enhance the charm of your living room design, you can choose stylish lighting designs. Floor lamps and table lamps can add to the beauty of the room. If you want to go with unique light designs, you can opt for creative ceiling light designs. Remember that the lighting of the room can drastically transform the mood of the space. 

Integrate art in your design

Generally, people think that integrating art in their home design and décor could burn a hole in their pocket. But it is a gross misconception. You can use artistic elements in your home to freshen up your space. Our designers will design the perfect Italian home where artwork can be used perfectly. In your villa design in Dubai, you can use an oversized painting, and it will definitely complement your home design perfectly. We ensure that the use of simple art pieces can enhance the aesthetics of your Italian-inspired home. 

Italian-themed homes reflect beauty and comfort

Home is the place where one expects to have a perfect blend of comfort, beauty, and style. If you are in search of such a décor solution, then Italian-themed houses by our designers are ideal for you. We focus on intricate Italian details that can create the perfect ambiance and feel at your home. Our architecture can ensure that all the rooms perfectly reflect Italian culture. This theme will surely convert your house into your dream home. 

Beautiful and timeless flooring ideas

The floor designs a vital component of home interior design. You can opt for marble flooring or wooden flooring to create the perfect look for your home. Our experts offer the most durable and stylish wooden flooring solutions that can perfectly complement your Italian home design. Apart from giving a sophisticated look to your home, these flooring designs are really easy to maintain. Because of these reasons, our Italian-inspired flooring designs are considered to be ideal for homes. 


Perfect décor ideas based on the Italian concept can bring life to your home. We at Luxedesign have the expertise to offer the best modern house designs that are inspired by the rich architectural designs of Italy. If you want to escape your dull and boring home, our interior design ideas will be a breath of fresh air for you. You can integrate stylish home design and décor ideas and enjoy your life in your gorgeous Italian home in Dubai. The Italian-based interior design company in Dubai, Luxedesign by DAT, provides solutions that can help you transform your home’s ambiance. Our supreme architectural style will ensure that you have a fabulous home.

Luxedesign by DAT knows the importance of a perfect home. We are one of the top Interior Design Companies in Dubai that offer attractive décor solutions based on the Italian concept. If you want to transform your simple home into an Italian masterpiece, then our designers can offer picture-perfect design solutions. 

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