Main Services of Interior Fit-out Companies in Dubai

A lot of terms in design and construction are being used regularly and might be confusing for many of those new to the industry. An example of such terms is Fit-out construction. Any interior space that is to be occupied needs fit-out construction to be appropriately suitable to the occupants. Interior fit-out varies on the purpose of the space, which can be for residential, workplace, commercial, and many more. Fit-out companies in Dubai offer world-class services in all kinds of interior spaces whether for a new building or renovation of residential or commercial use. 

Services of Interior Fit-out Companies in Dubai


What is Fit-out Construction?

Fit-out is typically referring to the process of installing and incorporating resources such as decorations and fittings into the interior of a certain building. It is the overall construction scheme for the interior development of a building to be suitable for its purpose and occupation. Interior fit-out includes all MEP tasks for main service connections and utilities, false ceilings, flooring, partitions and walls, paintings and woodworks, doors and windows, and other furnishings necessary for the spaces to be ready for use. Fit-out companies in Dubai follows shell and core process to effectively provide a precise service to all kinds of fit-out construction. However, often fit-out construction process is carried out by a tenant’s contractor rather than to the landlord’s construction company.

Fit-out Construction Process

Shell and Core Fit out

Shell and Core

The initial stage of a certain building's fit-out works usually refers to the basic structure of the building, which is termed as the shell and core or white box. This stage is basically common on a new build, or renovation from a previous tenant space to be ready for new tenants.


Shell and core fit-out commonly includes works on the following:
Base flooring
Standard white walls
Communal areas
MEP works
Lift shafts
Loading bays
Car parking 

CAT A Fit out in Dubai


Category A is the second stage of the fit-out focuses on the factors that will standardize the space to be ready for occupation. Most of the time, CAT A fit-out is the process phase that the owner or the developer’s responsibility preparing a simple and plain fit-out to be more versatile for the next stage.

CAT B Fit out in Dubai


Category B is the stage with more on the tenant’s choice wherein he can do a more suitable upgrade with a specific design and fit-out works such as partitioning, flooring, decorating, and more. 


Custom finishing can be done in this phase that may include the following:
Fit-out construction
Lighting fixtures
Custom plumbing fixtures
Specialized flooring
Walls customization
Custom or extra doors
Customized windows or fixtures
Customized ceilings 


Tenants may have their own interior fit-out contractors and interior architects from Interior fit-out companies in Dubai at the same time to professionally transform the interior space according to the design requirements and building standards. Interior architects are professionals who can design and plan with exact details for overall space arrangements incorporating the tenant’s prerequisites. Interior fit-out companies in Dubai offer complete finishing including custom finishing as part of their services but the cost may depend on the tenant. Though the cost for the fit-out construction may be varied by the agreement with the owners.

Luxedesign by DAT is one of the Fit-out companies in Dubai that provide shell and core fit-out and custom finishing fit-out services. We offer quality, creative, and cost-effective interior fit-outs for residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality projects. Our team creates interior spaces that connect, inspire and captivate people through the integration of artistic interpretation, high-quality materials, and cutting-edge technology into our services. Here at Luxedesign, we aim to contribute our expertise to the innovative vision of the government and help provide a comfortable living space and workplace to the people.

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