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Main Services of Interior Fit-out Companies in Dubai

Services of Interior Fit-out Companies in Dubai

Published on December 13, 2020

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What is Fit-out Construction?

Interior fitout is typically referring to the process of installing and incorporating resources such as decorations and fittings into the interior of a certain building. It is the overall construction scheme for the interior development of a building to be suitable for its purpose and occupation. Interior fit-out includes all MEP tasks for main service connections and utilities, false ceilings, flooring, partitions and walls, paintings and woodwork, doors and windows, and other furnishings necessary for the spaces to be ready for use. Fit-out companies in Dubai follow shell and core processes to effectively provide a precise service to all kinds of fit-out construction. However, often fit-out construction process is carried out by a tenant’s contractor rather than by the landlord’s construction company.

Fit-out Construction Process

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