Latest Trends on Interior Design Dubai 2021

2021 offers a wide range of interior design ideas and trends that everyone will love. Interior design Dubai 2021 trend is full of fresh character and personality that is perfect for a new start and a positive vibe. Though your preferences will be prioritized in the whole design, it will be still very helpful to check the new ideas for this year to find solutions for whatever the design may lack. 

Interior Design Dubai Trends 2021

Interior Design Dubai 2021 Trends from the Experts

Color Scheme

Interior design Dubai 2021’s color trend circles in fresh and cool color schemes, namely with a darker Naval Blue and Ultimate Yellow color hues as choices for the accent colors, and Pale Grey as the main neutral hue. If you opt to have a more contemporary interior style, Naval is perfect and may act as the new black that will surely highlight elegance. Grey tone highlights a cool neutral color scheme that connects innovation and modernity into elegant interior spaces. These colors represent peace, calm, and uplift hope which are very relevant and needed as the world faces challenges.



It is more practical and convenient to have a more sustainable design for your home, an option that the owner might consider to help the environment. A simple way to incorporate sustainability into the latest interior design trends through multifunctional furniture and crafts made from environmental-friendly materials. Choose furniture that offers quality, durability, longevity, and provides calm feelings instead of overwhelm. The sense of having a meaningful design for this year may revolve around the desire for well-being through integrating sustainability.


Statement Pieces

To elevate the latest interior design trends and create a more sophisticated look, adding statement pieces into the design is a great move. An interior space with a neutral color scheme is a great canvas for these desirable pieces with the challenge to capture global trends for both interiors and fashion style through a unique and creative perspective. It may also be a great idea to choose statement decors and furniture with a luxury touch yet bring a natural vibe of sanctuary in any home. 


Industrial Style

Industrial concepts became popular during the late 2000s, emphasizing modern materials such as concrete, wood, and metal. Industrial style decor is all about stripped back architectural details with the use of bare bricks, wood, and metals, as well as restored and recycled materials. The furnishings in this style are often durable and visually strong yet creates a unique feature that allows a great chance to customize the interior design.


Light Woods

A good way to blend nature into the latest interior design trends with the use of wood patterned features. Lightwoods can be used in furniture and furnishings giving a natural accent and aesthetic with unique texture and grain patterns that can be highlighted in multifunctional spaces. One nice design concept using light-colored wood materials is Scandinavian and rustic design style, both very modern, simple, and fresh concepts.


Contemporary Country

These style features are almost the same as rustic style but with trendier decor and features. Mix and match technique will harmonize the contemporary decor and country style together uplifting coziness and country-home spirit.


Indoor Plants

If you want to make your home a fresher and comfier place, an effortless way to do it is to just add indoor plants or even beautiful blooms in your interior spaces. They are known to bring vibrancy and color to your spaces, filter and freshen the air, and release oxygen. Growing plants indoors and even outdoors provides relaxation and lifts up positive feelings.


Tropical Theme

A laid-back and relaxing lifestyle is on-trend, giving a way to bring in a tropical theme with well-known distant shore prints and textures. This theme offers an inviting and calm interior space, a perfect place to energize. The perfect method to balance the vitality of this theme is to incorporate contemporary style with light tropical neutrals and accents.


Comfortable Spaces

It is important to be comfortable within the interior spaces by adding soft and relaxing elements such as linen and wools on armchairs or any settees with wood materials, wooden tables, and indoor plants to complete the fresh and relaxing space. This space is perfect during chilly months of the year.


Classic Traditionalism & Vintage

Classic interior design Dubai is a timeless style and can be on-trend at any time. It is a reflection of a perfect design with the harmony of new, traditional, and vintage features. Classic traditionalism style always emphasizes symmetry from its structure design elements and interior design features. The classic style will highlight bold colors and contrasts, graphic geometrics, traditional, retro, and vintage pieces as key elements this year.



Luxury elements always stay on trend for it elevates the elegance of a home. It adds a sumptuous vibe and redefines the interior design into a hotel-like refinement. Luxurious features also revive glam through art deco style and luxury textiles such as velvets and cashmere with monochrome prints.



Interior design Dubai this year is full of richness and personality which might end minimalism and gives way for Maximalism again. There will be a lot of custom curation to perfectly blend personal requirements and trends. Interiors will once again be decorative and creative with fulfilling memories and curiosities. Designers and clients might regain a sense of individualism through this style.


Remember that these ideas are a guide for you to ponder and take inspiration from. It is not necessary to incorporate each and every style and idea in the list into your design. Pick 2 to 3 design ideas and try to integrate and see what might be the result, mix and match is a method to use. Seeking professional help from designers and architects is still the best way to fulfill your next design project, Luxedesign by DAT always offers high-quality and world-class service for interior design in Dubai.

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