Kitchen Design Top 8 Things to Avoid

The kitchen is often one of the most used spaces in a home. Keeping the kitchen interior design neutral will help accord a clean, fresh, and elegant useful space. However, when it comes to designing and decorating them, there are a few flaws that you may want to avoid. Having knowledge on how to avoid these kitchen design flaws may result in a comfortable and clutter-free space. We have convened a list of some of the most common mistakes people make when designing and decorating their kitchen.

Kitchen Design Top 8 Things to Avoid | Interior Design | Luxedesign

Most residential designs, especially, villa design in Dubai offers high-end interior design amenity features including the beautiful and functional kitchen. With the proper kitchen design and layout, the fundamental function of a kitchen which is to cook and prepare food can be more accessible to more purposes such as cleaning, eating, drinking, socializing. It is, therefore, significant to always consider functionality in the design process by looking at how to maximize the usage of the space. Regardless of the kitchen design style, the layout and proper organization are key elements. Selecting nice-looking finishes and fixtures is important for the aesthetical part, however, if the layout goes wrong, it will affect the function and purpose of the space. 

8 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

A well-designed kitchen is worth the investment for any villa design. The looks and functionality will definitely add value to the property. Compromising the kitchen design with even a single mishap may ruin everything, so you may want to consider the finer details. It’s often the most evident thing that is simply mistaken when designing a kitchen. Here are some of the most common kitchen design mistakes to avoid stress by expert interior design companies in Dubai

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Inadequately Planned Layout
A well-designed and planned kitchen layout will definitely provide functionality and aesthetics even with any concepts and styles. It is true that creating a strategic layout is a bit crucial but it is worth the effort. This strategic layout plan may seem like a challenge but with proper deliberation and arrangement of appliances, counters, furnishings, storage such as cabinets and cupboards, and other design elements which must be suitable for preparation, cooking, and cleaning routine, everything will be beneficial. It may take a lot of organizational skills to create an adequately planned kitchen layout, on the contrary, it can lead to a dysfunctional and peculiar kitchen design.


Colorful or Mediocre Cabinets
Cabinets are one of the most costly items in a kitchen. Considering to go with a versatile design with neutral colors that is both durable and easy to maintain is the best option.
Budget-wise, interior designers and experts always advise clients to opt for pieces with quality materials, craftsmanship, and durability since these pieces might be a bit pricey but will surely last longer.


Poor Lighting
Not having proper kitchen lighting where you need them, probably can make a dull and dysfunctional space. It is important to have a kitchen functional and inadequate lighting will ruin its full potential. Incorporating multiple light sources in any interior space will establish proper illumination that will set the appropriate setting of mood and purpose of the lighted space.


Flamboyant Backsplash
A simple backsplash will work more in time rather than ones with obtrusive designs that may need more budget for replacement when the trend goes off the chart. The kitchen backsplash should resonate with elegance through simplicity and not cause visual distraction. A clean backsplash indeed looks so much better reflects a timeless look.


Uncurated Kitchen Design
A kitchen design missing with art or splash of color is an overlooked chance. Try to add wall art, hang the window curtains or display curated items on open storage such as shelves. Infuse colors with accessories such as flower and vase displays.


Impractical Electrical Outlets 
Utilizing electrical outlets in unsuitable areas can prompt unorganized countertops and exposed wires and plugs. Remember that the kitchen needs several appliances in a variety of sizes, so, planning the proper layout for the electrical outlets is very necessary. It will help your kitchen be functional, organized, and, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing.


Insufficient Storage
Not having enough space to store your kitchen utensils can result in a more visible mess. To avoid clutter and rather create an organized kitchen, incorporating some huge cabinets that would fit pots and pans into your design. A trend of contemporary and functional pot-storage methods such as hanging racks and bars.


Marble Countertops 
This type of countertop material isn’t always worth having in the kitchen. Marble countertop is undoubtedly an aesthetic choice, however, it has characteristics that aren’t appropriate in kitchen conditions. It is known to stain easily and isn’t durable from acidic ingredients that are very commonly used in the kitchen. Interior designers and experts suggest to choose more affordable and durable synthetic or stone counters materials like quartz or granite.

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