Interior Design pops up with Bold Colors

Did you ever want to create a bold statement with your interior design in Dubai? Well, you should learn the trick on how to handle and play with colors. Choosing the right color scheme for your interior design contributes an important role in providing the aspired ambiance.

Interior design pops Bold Colors

What are bold colors?

Bold colors are basically primary or secondary colors that are rich, bright, and even extremely vibrant. Creating the right combination of contrasting or complementing hues can instantly accentuate bold colors.

Interior design in Dubai Bold color ideas

Ideas on Integrating Bold Colors to your Home Interior Design in Dubai

Bold colors make bold statements in many aspects, also in the interior design category which really needs attention to elude overwhelming results. Vibrant wall paints or an overload of colors on your accent elements won’t furnish a thorough interior design in Dubai. The balance between the color scheme and accents, and other interior design elements should harmonize together to keep the concept of the design worth it.


Accent colors
Playing with bold colors for any kind of design is a delicate technique. Having an idea about how to go around with the color wheel will help you to master the bold color techniques. Complementary colors supply equity to a saturated color scheme but remember that using more than 3 color hues mainly with strong shades will result in an overwhelming vibe. Accents colors are the perfect elements that you can add to give a more fascinating interior design.


A perfect color scheme follows a systematic contribution to interior design in Dubai. A dominant neutral shade that approximately uses 60 percent of the space. The bold color, which is a secondary color for the 30 percent of the space. And lastly, the striking accent color for the last 10 percent.

There are more rules to learn in mastering the magic of a bold color scheme. Considering the lighting system of the space is one important matter before choosing the color scheme. If space circulates more natural lighting, a strong and dramatic color scheme breaks the too much light reflection that visually balances the space. Contrarily, darker spaces need a color scheme that will essentially lighten up the space, brighter color scheme with saturated hues help to effectively beam and warms the space.  Observing and integrating these 3 color scheme components order will effectively achieve a captivating interior design.

Bold decoration
Adding bold decors is a chic remedy to a neutral-colored space, which is a simple mismatching rule. You don’t have to paint the entire space with bold colors to achieve a bold statement, it is not a requirement either. Be creative and look at the brightest way to add eye-catching elements like flashy vases, vivid paintings or murals, striking rugs, or even with light fixtures. Remember, even the smallest decor will stand out with bold colors.

Bold palette
Don’t be scared about creating your own bold colors statement with your design, keeping in mind the important rules and considerations are a huge help. A playful combination of 2-3 complimenting or contrasting colors won’t overdo the design but to remember to balance them with a neutral color.

The neutrals should always prevail because it balances the overall fusion of the color scheme into the interior design in Dubai. Too much integration of bold or accent colors will cause eye-strain and overwhelming feeling to the viewer and a scraped vibe to space. Neutrals don’t always have to be entitled as boring, the right combination of neutrals with accent colors, even with metallic colors gives a distinctive effect to the design.

Matching and mismatching
Another functional way to use bold colors is to mismatch it with neutral colors and/or patterned elements. For example, a neutral color painted wall is a perfect allocation for a distinctive painting or mural. A centerpiece sofa set with a bold green shade is ideal with pattern pillows and blankets. The matching pattern is a stabilizer and gives a vibrant effect to the design. 

Setting a pattern that highlights the balanced color scheme, brings together a consolidated interior design in Dubai. The integration of a consistent pattern that lifts the visual effect of the accent colors is a simple way to start your interior design creation. Identifying the centerpiece of the design makes it easier to allocate the patterns. Textiles, rugs or carpets, blankets, and pillowcases are the simplest yet striking way to add patterns. For bold statement-making, furniture, and decors like the sofa or chair, tables, wall painting, or murals are the best elements to add patterns.

Scale and Proportion
In dealing with bold colors for interior design in Dubai, it is important to consider the proportion and scale of all the elements. Maintaining stability and fairness of the design elements a smooth flow of a satisfying design. Trendy style blend with bold colors perfectly and creates a unique contemporary design.

Bold colors for Interior designs in Dubai

These ideas work well if properly applied to interior design in Dubai. No two designs are the same, each has its own uniqueness and portraits its own statement. So, don’t ever worry about putting your personality into your interior design in Dubai because it is a gateway into a perfect design. Just always remember that there are guidelines that you may ponder anytime to perfectly illuminate your design.

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