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Construction, also known as building construction, is the method and industry that is associated with the creation and development of structures that aim to build and enhance the environment for the necessities of people and other creations. Generally, there are three sectors of construction namely, buildings, infrastructure, and industrial, which all cover a strategic process.

Construction Solution

The act of building and how something is built is the nature of construction. It is a deliberate process of creating and developing buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities, and related pursuit within the structure’s life cycle. Construction companies in Dubai use strategic process that includes planning, financing and design, and until the completion and turn over of the building. Contracting companies in Dubai refer to construction solutions to cover the repairs, maintenance, expansion, extension, and improvement works for the building or facilities. Moreover, there are also eventual demolition, dismantling, or decommissioning that may be included in the solutions. The building construction process followed by construction companies in Dubai includes Planning, Permit Applications and Approvals, Inspections, Construction Site Preparation, Utilities, Construction Phase, Punch Lists, and Building Warranty Period. 

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Building Construction | Luxedesign

Building Construction

Building construction is the process of adding and developing structure projects to the environment such as real property sites. It is further classified into residential and non-residential. Residential Construction is mainly for houses, villas, apartment complexes, or any residential structure developments. This category may be undertaken by individual land-owners for self-build structures, by real estate property developers, by local authority or association providers of public or social housing, or by general contractors or specialist house-builders such as villa contractors in Dubai. Non-residential construction can be procured by a variety of private and public organizations, including local authorities, educational and religious entities, transport ventures, retailers, hoteliers, property developers, financial institutions, and other public or private companies. Most construction in this category is undertaken by general contractors such as contacting companies in Dubai.

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Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure keeps everything and everyone moving and living everywhere around the world. Without these, it would be very hard to do anything. It is this infrastructure that allows utilities such as electricity and water to flow to homes and businesses, gives people ways of transportation, and many other daily necessities. The design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, which includes public infrastructure such as highways, roads, streets, railways, bridges, canals, dams, tunnels, airports, water supply resources, waste and sewerage systems, pipelines, power generation and transmission, and telecommunications all depend on civil and specialized engineering professionals, skilled workers, and construction companies in Dubai. These infrastructures are great ways to prove how versatile and broad are the capabilities and skills of every single one in the engineering field really is.

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Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is a specific form of building that requires expert training and highly skilled and experienced workers. Many construction companies in Dubai are experts in industrial construction. Commonly, industrial constructions are managed by a group of project managers, engineers and architects, and specialists from expert engineering and contracting companies in Dubai. These experts in the industrial construction business provide services that include designs, installations, and maintenance of massive structures such as power plants, skyscrapers, warehouses, factories, and other megastructures. Every construction project is unique and follows different variations of the design and construction processes. Whenever there is a plan to develop a new structure, whether it is for residential, non-residential, infrastructure, or industrial category, it is very important to have an idea about the building process from the start to the end of the construction project.


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Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai | Luxedesign

There are terms in the design and construction industry that some people might not know, such as Fit Out. Interior spaces of any kind of building or structure that is to be occupied need a fit out solution. It is very necessary to make the entire structure, from the exterior to the interior, be appropriately suitable to the occupants and its purpose.

Fit Out Solution

Fit out is the process of constructing or developing the internal layout and servicing of the building spaces to be suitable for occupation according to their usage. This construction process is commonly related to office and other commercial buildouts. The process starts from the base construction completion by the developer, and the final fit out is usually undertaken by the occupant. This construction solution is classified into three stages which are Shell and Core, Category A, and Category B. Fit out companies in Dubai always consider these classifications and vary their works on the purpose of the structure, which can be for residential, workplace, commercial, and many more. These expert companies offer high-quality services for all kinds of fit out works either for a new building or renovation for residential or commercial use. 

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Fit Out Companies in Dubai | Shell and Core

Shell and Core

Relying on the level of completion of the building, and the interior specification required by the occupant, fit out solutions can take a scope of different forms. Building shell is the term referring to the structural and non-structural covering of a building provided as a primary stage that is usually undertaken by the developer to subsequently prepare a project for interior fit out and internal accommodation works. Shell and core works generally comprise the rough and initial structure, cladding, base plant, common areas, and external works commonly in new buildings. Fit out companies in Dubai also include fitted-out main reception, lobbies, staircases, toilets, lift shafts, basements, loading bays, car parking, and other basic parts of the structure. This category still needs a lot of work to be done in order to be ready for occupancy.

Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai | Category A Fit Out

Category A Fit Out

Category A generally describes the level of fit out works completed by the developer in the occupant or building’s interior space. There is no specified standard for this category, but it may include the completion of the basic features of the occupant’s requirements such as raised floors and suspended ceilings, distribution of utilities like mechanical and electrical services, internal surface finishes, and others. In case that the tenant has very specified and complex requirements, interior fit out companies in Dubai may apply them to this category. The occupants or tenants will definitely make a contribution to the costs of the category A fit out works to ensure that they meet their needs and requirements. It is also a great way to save time and money modifying a category A rather than category B.

Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai | Category A Fit Out
Interior Fit Out Companies in Dubai | Category B Fit Out

Category B Fit Out

A category B fit out is conducted on a space where the external walls and basic flooring, ceilings, MEP services, shared areas, and lifts have been installed. It is the degree where fit out companies in Dubai set everything in place which will complete the fit out of the interior space as to the tenant's requirements. The interior fit out companies in Dubai will complete the installation of partitions, offices, meeting or conference rooms, reception, technical or office equipments, kitchen or pantry, and final touches such as choice of floor finishings, lighting, decorations, and furniture will be completed on this stage. The cost of this stage will be at the expense of the tenants as the works are per their set and specified requirements. However, instances may involve rectifying problems in the developer’s works which may be funded by the tenant who may then make a claim to recover their expense.



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