Architectural Design

Creating places that enhance the Human Experience through High-quality Architectural Design

Delivering high quality, effective, and inspiring built space is an enjoyable responsibility to us. We believe that in pure architecture design, the smallest detail should have a meaning or serve a certain purpose to provide positive solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s built environment. Architectural design should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness and bring transcendent environments to real-world situations. Our designs are created with ideal concepts that can change the world and reflect the mirror of our daily lives.

Architectural Design | Architectural Design in Dubai

Hotel and Resort Design

Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world, one factor is because of the high-end hotels and resorts that provide excellent vacation comfort and enjoyment to tourists and even to locals. The perfect architectural design in Dubai is what makes the hotels and resorts an effective provider of comfort and safety to its guests. Many travelers from all around the world seek out amenities with more sophisticated designs, unique art, and celebrated fashion by famous designers and influencers. Here at Luxedesign, we push beyond our limits to provide hotel and resort designs a fusing comfort, space, and sense of place with a big dose of character and elegance.

Hotel and Resort  Architectural Design
School Architectural Design in Dubai

School Design

Schools are one of the complex structures, which must provide a variety of spaces for education, sports, and recreational activities. The greatest challenge is to create an architectural design of an area that promotes a positive academical environment for children. Architects and designers must utilize the usage of the area with methodical studies to layout functional spaces with safe and comfortable educational amenities for students. As architectural designers in Dubai, we consider a lot of possibilities and considerations in our research for school design, especially on how to provide a pleasant and inviting environment with state-of-the-art facilities, vibrant open-plan classrooms, and ample exterior play areas. We primarily aim to design a haven that gives children the opportunity to explore and accumulate wisdom.

Hospital Design

The architectural design of a hospital improves its services and amenities, which can help the lives of patients. The modern architectural design concept of health care facilities ameliorated from monotonous spaces into integrating an interpretation of color and light. Thus, the architectural design concept of hospitals impacts patients’ mood and confidence, which can help them recover more quickly. Our hospital design concepts rotate on modern and contemporary architectural design which we indemnify to provide world-class amenities for the health care workers and especially for the patient. We dedicate our hospital designs with innovative concepts that are definitely safe and functional for the betterment of health care services in Dubai.

Hospital Architectural Design in Dubai
Office Building Architectural Designs in Dubai

Office Building Design

Office buildings are more than just the place where people work in, it’s the home away from home for all of the hardworking employees of a certain company. An effective office design should be a comfortable space that people enjoy being in, encourage inspiration, creativity, productivity, and reflect the company’s customs and integrity. We believe that employees can boost their productivity if the office architectural design provides different rooms and spaces that meet their various needs. Our design team layouts specific rooms and spaces according to the particular function of the workplace that would benefit each staff and the company.