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Architectural design centers on the aesthetic and function of the structure that works to create a space that flows with its surroundings. There are architectural design steps associated with the process, each step is significant to the wholeness of the design, specifically to the look, safety, and function of the project.

Architectural Design

Architectural design is the design concept that focuses on elements of a structure such as space and essentials to create a coherent and functional structure. Architects thoroughly perform full research and prepare details that goes into the designing process of an architectural project. It is a step by step design process that gives attention to safety, comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of the structure. Luxedesign layouts quality architectural designs in Dubai for Hotel and Resort Designs, School designs, Hospital Designs, Office Designs, and other design projects.

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More About Architectural Design

Architecture Design Form


Form, a primary element of architecture, regards the shape or arrangement of a building or structure that is very essential to the purpose of architecture to provide internal shelter and external living space for human occupation. The shape and scale of a structure in the architectural design process vary on the space given or available, and its function. It is also important to consider the external relation of the structure’s form and space according to the immediate site and neighboring buildings. The internal spaces must be tangible that creating a comforting, accommodating, and safe living space for occupants. Architecture is man-made and the perceptions are typically unseen to most of us in our daily lives, thus structures are made with deep analytic studies to provide a quality and safe living environment.

Architectural Design Function


Every architect attributes with Architectural design through theoretical advancement as their practice flourishes and develops. The same goes for the enhancement of Architectural design, as innovation exists there will be continuous progress on providing high-quality and functional structures all around the world. Function is one of the basic fundamentals of architectural design that shows the contrast between existence and living, which means a structure must comprehend as an efficient shelter with proper space classification that provides as a utilitarian space for occupants. Buildings and exterior spaces are part of our daily lives that affect us in any aspect of living. The experience of having a functional living space is felt through the suitability and capability of the structure with which they serve a particular purpose or practicality for which they were intended.

Architectural Design Function
Architectural Design Aesthetics


Aesthetics is a theoretical discipline that depicts the appearances of things considering its nature and expression. As an important feature of architectural design, aesthetics presents a unique and combined effects of a structure's shape, size, texture, color, balance, unity, movement, emphasis, contrast, symmetry, proportion, space, alignment, pattern, decoration, culture and context. Though there are also some possible physical requirements such as budget, structure, regulations, climate, and weather, which may complicate the incorporation of aesthetics into the design, however, these can be solved with proper feasibility studies. The application of aesthetics into the architectural design should be seamlessly integrated with form and function to create a perfect architectural solution. 


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Hotel and Resort  Architectural Design
Hotel and Resort Designs in Dubai | Architectural Design

Any recreational facility that draws guests into its vicinity should provide a safe and accommodating service like the hotels and resorts located anywhere. Each of these facilities should be designed according to their purpose and planned as an integration of development to the society that would definitely benefit the natural environment and the local communities.

Hotel and Resort Design

Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world, one factor is because of the high-end hotels and resorts that provide excellent vacation comfort and enjoyment to tourists and even to locals. The perfect architectural design in Dubai is what makes the hotels and resorts an effective provider of comfort and safety to its guests. Many travelers from all around the world seek out amenities with more sophisticated designs, unique art, and celebrated fashion by famous designers and influencers. Here at Luxedesign, we push beyond our limits to provide hotel and resort designs a fusing comfort, space, and sense of place with a big dose of character and elegance.

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More About Hotel and Resort Design

Architectural Design Value and Function in Dubai

Value and Function

Hotel and resort’s architectural design arrays habitable and desirable temporary accommodation for travelers. Most of the travelers today want a genuine experience that reflects the local culture of the place they are visiting. The hotel and resort design is a huge contributor to responding to the changing demands and desires of travelers and offering unique and genuine guest experiences. A unique and functional design with effective design strategies will definitely benefit the whole service and amenities of the structure, which will contribute to raising the value of guests’ experience, even the economic and financial efficiency. Each hotel should be a one-of-a-kind destination that stands with its purpose and function to connect people and valuable experience.

Architectural Design Genuine Concepts in Dubai

Genuine Concepts

There are certain methods on how to bring people together, such as travelers of any age, like great social spaces that are lively, energetic, and bustling with amenities and activities throughout the day. Hotels and resort designs nowadays are focusing on fresh concept ideas to be as unique as possible, with delivering a distinctive style and ambiance, which can provide the greatest experience to their guests. The architectural design incorporates multipurpose halls, cozy rooms,  and more flexible and secured exterior and interior spaces that effortlessly connect people, nature, and savoury experience. Genuine design concepts easily captivates the interest of people who seek adventure and getaways. It should be a manifestation of uniqueness, versatility, and hospitality concepts.

Architectural Design Genuine Concepts in Dubai
Architectural Design Site Analysis and Feasibility in Dubai

Site Analysis and Feasibility

A site analysis and feasibility is very important to check the hotel and resort, or for any venture, is possible and suits the location. The process could be as overwhelming because of the deep considerations it involves, however, plays a huge role in the design process. The analysis includes the site’s best usage and limitation, local regulations and codes, and economic effectiveness, which are also significant to the owners, stakeholders, and the designers. Evaluations of potential sites, future structures, and proposed design may be presented during this design phase. Another significance of this phase is the analysis of the surrounding environments, may it be man-made or natural,  that encompass the potential benefits or disadvantages for the project.

School Architectural Design in Dubai
School Design Luxedesign

Schools are considered as the second home for most of the children around the world, which gives architects and designers a big responsibility to create safe, child-friendly, and world-class educational facilities. School design comes in all shapes and sizes, some are quite fancy, while others are simple and sleek.

School Design

Schools are one of the complex structures, which must provide a variety of spaces for education, sports, and recreational activities. The greatest challenge is to create an architectural design of an area that promotes a positive academical environment for children. Architects and designers must utilize the usage of the area with methodical studies to layout functional spaces with safe and comfortable educational amenities for students. As architectural designers in Dubai, we consider a lot of possibilities and considerations in our research for school design, especially on how to provide a pleasant and inviting environment with state-of-the-art facilities, vibrant open-plan classrooms, and ample exterior play areas. We primarily aim to design a haven that gives children the opportunity to explore and accumulate wisdom.

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School Architectural Design in Dubai
School Design Luxedesign

Schools are considered as the second home for most of the children around the world, which gives architects and designers a big responsibility to create safe, child-friendly, and world-class educational facilities. School design comes in all shapes and sizes, some are quite fancy, while others are simple and sleek.

More About School Design

Safe and Secured  School Architectural Design in Dubai

Safe and Secured

Designing safe learning environments is the main priority of every architect, and probably the initial safety measure on which the structure relies the school design. Safe school designs can present specific challenges, it is possible to design a secure structure that filters intruders and any kind of unprecedented situation without compromising and intimidating students and faculty. The school design process is a full collaboration of architectural, engineering, educational, health, and security experts to integrate multi-dimensional safety and security measures into the design and to secure each and every student and school worker. 

Child-Friendly School Architectural Design in Dubai


The design should have the features to allow the students to freely move to do their work while adult supervision is maintained and safe personal connections between adults and children whether during indoor or outdoor activities. A child-friendly school design must also respond to the environmental and cultural factors of its location. Though there is a universal and standard design approach, it is still important to acknowledge the unique characteristics of the place and the people to create a suitable structure. The school design should also consider the understanding of the child’s own culture and environment to integrate solutions into the design. This will help strengthen the child’s self-identity and confidence to promote a sense of belongingness.

Child-Friendly School Architectural Design in Dubai
Architectural Design with Educational Facilities in Dubai

Educational Facilities

Education continues to evolve with time, to better prepare each student for their future, exterior and interior school design transparency plays a significant role as a whole design of educational facilities. This important facility attribute both direct and indirect educational aspect through a world-class architectural design. Versatile facilities increase child participation in class and activities and allow teachers to provide a more effective environment for learning and teaching. Such facilities provide opportunities for group activities, areas for manual projects, and easy access to open spaces for extended learning through physical and nature integration. It is very important that classrooms should be accessible for all children including the ramps and wide doorways for less mobile children. The architectural and project team need to be sensitive to these priorities to emphasize the importance of education and recreation in the overall performance of the school design. 

Hospital Architectural Design in Dubai
Hospital Design in Dubai | Architectural Design in Dubai

One of the most important structures are the hospitals that need a deep consideration on its planning and design process. Hospital design must be innovative and essentially functional, considering the variety of medical cases of people of different ages who need to be accommodated in the facility.

Hospital Design

The architectural design of a hospital improves its services and amenities, which can help the lives of patients. The modern architectural design concept of health care facilities ameliorated from monotonous spaces into integrating an interpretation of color and light. Thus, the architectural design concept of hospitals impacts patients’ mood and confidence, which can help them recover more quickly. Our hospital design concepts rotate on modern and contemporary architectural design which we indemnify to provide world-class amenities for the health care workers and especially for the patient. We dedicate our hospital designs with innovative concepts that are definitely safe and functional for the betterment of health care services in Dubai.

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More About Hospital Design

Accessible Hospital Design in Dubai | Architectural Design

Accessible Design

Hospital design has different qualities in terms of location, appearance, and accessibility but the most common feature among them is the fully-functioning healthcare facilities that are capable of providing quality health care services. Together with the well-trained staff, remember that effective healthcare relies on well-thought-out hospital design principles. Accessible design is one of the essential concepts of an effective hospital design. Great simple measures like reducing walls and barriers mean that hospital areas can easily be reconfigured to meet future needs. Design accessibility can also aid collaboration between medical teams, easy interior and exterior traffic flow, and comfortable patient access.

Hospital Architectural Design with Welcoming Aesthetics in Dubai

Welcoming Aesthetics

A substantial hospital design should visually reflect the culture of the society and the people, to effortlessly give comfortable space whilst the busy and serious medical conditions. When it comes to the aesthetics of a hospital design, it is important to consider a vibrant vibe rather than a monotonous one. High-spirited interior design is a great concept to lift up the moods of the down and dull patients, which can contribute to a positive health result. Contemporary design aesthetics with huge natural environment integration is undertaking the hospital design nowadays focusing on the interior design, which provides massive difference to patients’ health care experience.

Hospital Architectural Design with Welcoming Aesthetics in Dubai
Hospital Architectural Design Innovative Advantage in Dubai

Innovative Advantage

For the sake of patient satisfaction and improving the health care experience, hospital design should integrate innovative design focusing on the medical-related essentials for the facilities and services. Innovative design perspective is an effective design approach to provide comfort and healing as possible and to allow patients to rest and recover through modern advancement integrated into the design. This perspective will also help to make sure that the building can stay useful for a long period of time. Many hospital designs add accommodating, innovative, technical, powerful diagnostic and treating rooms for patients, to achieve and ensure that they get an immediate and successful healthcare service they need.

Office Building Architectural Designs in Dubai
Office Building Design in Dubai | Architectural Design

We incorporate how office design affects employee’s behavior in our office building design projects. Considering office location and amenities, which may result in a productive and comfortable interior space. The design should also facilitate the collaboration of all teams and the management.

Office Building Design

Office buildings are more than just the place where people work in, it’s the home away from home for all of the hardworking employees of a certain company. An effective office design should be a comfortable space that people enjoy being in, encourage inspiration, creativity, productivity, and reflect the company’s customs and integrity. We believe that employees can boost their productivity if the office architectural design provides different rooms and spaces that meet their various needs. Our design team layouts specific rooms and spaces according to the particular function of the workplace that would benefit each staff and the company. 

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Office Building Architectural Designs in Dubai
Office Building Design in Dubai | Architectural Design

We incorporate how office design affects employee’s behavior in our office building design projects. Considering office location and amenities, which may result in a productive and comfortable interior space. The design should also facilitate the collaboration of all teams and the management.

More About Office Building Design

Office Building Architectural Design with Functional Spaces in Dubai

Functional Spaces

The office building design should establish a modern facility, friendly staff, in accordance with modern trends in accordance with the main purpose and function of the structure itself. Employees place more value on physical elements that support welfare and convenience such as natural light, views of the outdoors, and food while being productive as well. The size of the building determines the opportunity of amenity spaces or accessory spaces, which are actually nonessential spaces to the function of your office but enhances the experience for visitors and staff. 

Office Architectural Design with Flexible Concept in Dubai

Flexible Concept

Offices no longer marked by the monotonous color scheme with rows of cubicles, it has become more personalized and employee-centered than ever. Office designs are giving new approaches to office customization to provide people more comfortable and flexible spaces. The idea behind the concept is to propose a solution in relation to the comfort while maintaining productivity. Office building designs should ensure to have a plan for future flexibility because needs change over time and range with the essentials of the people using the building. An office building design with high-performance facilities can easily accommodate renovations and alterations, which are possible for maintaining the structure. 

Office Architectural Design with Flexible Concept in Dubai
Office Building Architectural Design Technological Innovation in Dubai

Technological Innovation

New office building design captures the modern architecture, while respecting the culture and environment. The design concept focuses on a few simple and practical design principles such as site adaptation, sustainability, and technological innovation, which brings an enhanced architectural environment to the immediate surrounding as well as the building occupants. Office building transformation through technology and science in the modern world provides services beyond limits. Planning and constructing new office buildings with modernized architectural and engineering processes allows the advancement of all the spaces of the structure. Technology is a powerful tool for business and other industries though it is driving a variety of changes in the organizational and architectural forms of office buildings, incorporating innovation into office building designs will definitely help in the long run.



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