Retail Design

We layout creative Retail Design solutions that emphasize commercial strategies and effective shopping experience

Shaping concepts for retail design requires creativity and a style that makes an effective marketing design statement. We create exceptional design for exceptional spaces with your idealistic concepts. Our designs meet the client’s expectations and turn them into reality with dazzling results and casting an impression. The main goal of a perfect retail design is to exceptionally provide a one of a kind shopping experience to every shopper, through creative and comfortable retail spaces.

Luxedesign Retail Design

Retail Shops Design

Retail shop design is an important marketing strategy that helps to lift up the overall brand of the business. Retail store designers emphasize factors such as window displays, furnishings, lighting, flooring, music, and shop layout to create a unique appeal. It is significant to create a design that would captivate shoppers’ attention and lead them to enter the shop to be familiar with the brand and the ultimate goal which is to encourage impulse purchases. Retail shop designs in Dubai also give importance to the needs and safety of the employees of the shop. Our designers specialize in retail shop design and creates a well-balanced design for the products, employees, and especially for the shoppers to have the best shopping experience ever.

Luxedesign Retail Shops Design in Dubai
Spa Designs in Dubai

Spa Design

Spa design covers a variety of concepts that should satisfy the expectations of the guests. In designing a spa, there are significant things to consider such as the color scheme, reception experience, spa room decoration and functions, and lightning. The design should have a smooth transition of moods from the busy reception area to the solitude of the treatment spaces. We create spa designs in Dubai that would advocate a wide sense of well-being and provide a relaxing and accommodative space. Our spa designs focuses on the overall visual design and function that will surely gratify a perfect spa experience with a safe, convenient, and luxury amenity design. 

Majlis Design

Majlis is a traditional meeting room or a saloon for entertaining guests or hold important meetings, which is commonly found in Arab residents or in multi-purpose amenities of some hotels. Majlis designs used to be more traditional which embodies the Arab culture years ago, but the design has evolved in style and architecture. Today, majlis designs in Dubai are very grand, luxurious, and range in style to style. Majlis design for men and women is separate and layouts different concepts and requirements of interior design. Luxedesign’s interior design team carefully conceptualizes majlis designs in Dubai that integrate opulence with the diverse patterns of the Islamic style as the focal point.

Majlis Designs in Dubai
Clinic Designs in Dubai

Clinic Design

Clinics should be designed systematically to function as an outpatient health services provider. Clinic design covers support and sub-space types, which include office spaces, private toilets, and filing and storage areas. The designs should always prioritize the convenience of the patients and health workers to effectively provide high-quality healthcare services. Luxedesign layouts premiere clinic designs in Dubai through innovative and functional spaces, paying extra attention to detail and commitment to quality and innovation. Our clinic designs are all created in accordance with the standards of the UAE and the World Health Organization.