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All spaces in retail design should offer a purpose, range of captivating visuals, and experiential services through innovative design techniques to create a new and enticing environment for shoppers. A well-designed retail store includes aesthetically pleasing displays in a well-thought-out design strategy to also optimize space, sales, and security.

Retail Design

Dubai is known for its world-class malls and luxury retail stores that effectively attracts local people and even shoppers from all over the world. And to create more of these remarkable retail designs in Dubai, designers should always develop a unique strategic design approach on how to draw more people or possible shoppers into the space. Retail design is a creative commercial concept expertise that covers various design and construction areas and focuses on a plan to meet shoppers’ altering needs and shopping experience according to the kind of brand the business has to offer. Luxedesign is an expert in retail designer with the creative skill to incorporate luxury and grandeur into designs, which Dubai is known for.

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More About Retail Design

Retail Design Creative Design Concept in Dubai

Creative Design Concept

Retail design is primarily a specialized practice of interior design and architecture, which incorporates elements of industrial design, graphic design, ergonomics, and advertising. To effectively integrate these elements into a single retail design, the designer must have a deep understanding and knowledge with vast creativity and resourcefulness of the retail design. Creativity is needed to make a retail design that will effectively draw the attention of consumers in a single glance. A retail design should portray a thematic and unique concept that will surely attract people to interact with the space and purchase products, and will positively introduce the brand and increase sales while maintaining the well-executed retail space with a staged consumer's perspective.

Retail Design Versatile & Functional Dubai

Versatile & Functional

The main purpose of retail spaces is to stock and sell products to consumers while promoting an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience. And the space should be designed and customized according to the necessities of its main purpose and to the kind of product or services being advertised or sold in the space. A versatile design can cater all the possible consumers coming in and out of the retail space without confusion on the traffic flow inside and out, and trouble with the displays and other design elements in the space. Every space of the design should contribute a function providing enough and comfortable space for displays, fitting rooms, cash registers, customer service, and employee’s area. It is also important to design a retail space with both permanent and nonpermanent features, that allows it to change as the needs of the consumer and seasonal merchandise change.

Retail Design Versatile & Functional Dubai
Retail Design Safe in Dubai


Retail designers have an acute awareness that the store and their designs are one of the key factors to the success of the business that it will represent the best shopping environment for consumers. To provide the best shopping experience to consumers it is important to assure safety in all aspects of the design. The retail design should be consumer-friendly and safe for all ages and target consumer groups by taking advantage of the well-designed structural features like columns, stairways, ceiling height, windows, and emergency exits. The space must be utilized and have a purpose in keeping safety as one of the priorities.


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Luxedesign Retail Shops Design in Dubai
Retail Shops Design in Dubai | Luxedesign

The forefront of a retail shop arrays the brand’s identity and exhibits the trademark products which can be changed from season to season, adding new products to captivate shoppers and draw them into the store. Creating such significant space in the design will uplift the purpose of the retail shops which are sales and branding.

Retail Shops Design

Retail shop design is an important marketing strategy that helps to lift up the overall brand of the business. Retail store designers emphasize factors such as window displays, furnishings, lighting, flooring, music, and shop layout to create a unique appeal. It is significant to create a design that would captivate shoppers’ attention and lead them to enter the shop to be familiar with the brand and the ultimate goal which is to encourage impulse purchases. Retail shop designs in Dubai also give importance to the needs and safety of the employees of the shop. Our designers specialize in retail shop design and creates a well-balanced design for the products, employees, and especially for the shoppers to have the best shopping experience ever.

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More About Retail Shops Design

Retail Shops Design Design and Layout in Dubai

Design and Layout

The design and layout of a retail shop should be customized in relation to the products and services it provides. Versatile retail design is created with both permanent and non-permanent design characteristics that would make a shop flexible enough to be changed and rearranged layout creates the circulation to control the traffic flow based on the behavior and desired movement plan of the consumers. The design and layout must ensure that the consumer moves through the whole space while also having guides to important product displays and parts of the store. The lighting can create the right ambiance inside the retail space, which should not be too bright and harsh, and poor lighting that may result in an uncomfortable shopping experience. 

Retail Shops Design Visual Design in Dubai

Visual Design

Retail designers are all knowledgeable about visual merchandising and the proper way to execute it into the design. Large glass windows are one of the best display areas that play a big part in captivating consumers' attention to engage in the retail shop and probably make some purchases. Providing enough visual display areas in a large window frame with a captivating lighting system is an effective method to merchandise the main product and items on sale. Exterior visual design should always be creative and attractive as the interior visual design to give a unique and engaging look retaining a memorable shopping experience.

Retail Shops Design Visual Design in Dubai
Retail Shops Design Perspective in Dubai


Consumers’ perspective is one of the main concerns in retail design, which covers the idea of how consumers see the exterior and interior visual design on their part. In designing a retail shop of any kind, designers put themselves on how consumers control their perspective for a certain retail space, taking into consideration of consumers behavior through visual and actual interaction with the space. It is important to collaborate functionality and trends into retail space to easily get noticed by consumers and be competitive with other brands. A well-customized retail shop design is all about providing the consumers with the right and quality perspective by creating a visually appealing exterior and interior design and sensible ambiance.

Spa Designs in Dubai
Luxedesign Spa Design in Dubai

It is very important in spa design to have a direct feeling of relaxation and the design elements should blend harmoniously to help set the mood and determine the experience. Spa designs can be incorporated with any kind of design concept, yet contemporary and traditional design outstands them all.

Spa Design

Spa design covers a variety of concepts that should satisfy the expectations of the guests. In designing a spa, there are significant things to consider such as the color scheme, reception experience, spa room decoration and functions, and lightning. The design should have a smooth transition of moods from the busy reception area to the solitude of the treatment spaces. We create spa designs in Dubai that would advocate a wide sense of well-being and provide a relaxing and accommodative space. Our spa designs focuses on the overall visual design and function that will surely gratify a perfect spa experience with a safe, convenient, and luxury amenity design. 

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Spa Designs in Dubai
Luxedesign Spa Design in Dubai

It is very important in spa design to have a direct feeling of relaxation and the design elements should blend harmoniously to help set the mood and determine the experience. Spa designs can be incorporated with any kind of design concept, yet contemporary and traditional design outstands them all.

More About Spa Design

Spa Design Design Concept in Dubai

Design Concept

Functional and pleasant spa design initiates from a meticulous conceptualization that includes equal distribution of the treatment paths, and right allocations of treatment rooms and other amenities. Choosing the proper and quality materials, products, and the integration of innovation adds a quality edge to the spa. There are different kinds of spas like Medical, Destination, and Day spas, which provide various spa services conducted by professionals and each of these spas has different requirements and design concepts. However, the main goal of the spa design is to deliver a well-designed, relaxing, and accommodative place to every customer and staff.

Spa Design Transition of Moods in Dubai

Transition of Moods

Choosing the appropriate color and lighting are the keys to set the mood and purpose of a room. The more whites and brighter colors added to a palette, the more light it is able to reflect into the space and help create the impression of an open, airy space. Beware of overpowering the interior with a lot of dark colors as it absorbs light and gives off a heavy feeling and can make you feel more enclosed, which isn’t appropriate in spa designs. Cool tones, like greens, blues, and violets, in soft and pastel hues, can effectively promote tranquility and enhance the relaxation. Spa designs are meant to provide a relaxing, comfortable, and accommodating space, hence a proper transition of mood from the reception area to the spa and treatment rooms using the appropriate colors and lighting will definitely set the ambiance. Remember, small changes to colors, layout, fabrics, and other design elements can easily improve moods and kindle positive feelings.

Spa Design Transition of Moods in Dubai
Spa Design Functional and Relaxing Spaces in Dubai

Functional and Relaxing Spaces

Choose aesthetic and functional decor pieces for your spa design. Treatment room furniture should focus on natural materials and woods, and can tend toward darker colors, especially in massage rooms, where customers should feel a cozier and luxury spa environment.
At the reception and lounge area, more decorative pieces can be used as sofas or chairs with unique or decorative lines, and bright pops of color and textures on the upholstery, and cabinets for storages and product displays. To incorporate nature to the spa design concept, water features can be an addition to a more calming design element since the soothing sounds can help customers to relax. Water has the power to both calm and rejuvenate. 

Majlis Designs in Dubai
Luxedesign Majlis Designs in Dubai

A majlis has a special and significant role in a home or even in other structures like hotels. It is is designed majestically, embodying opulence and comfort for the best entertainment experience of every guest. Majlis design should bespoke style and details, which portray beauty, luxury, and an accommodative atmosphere.

Majlis Design

Majlis is a traditional meeting room or a saloon for entertaining guests or hold important meetings, which is commonly found in Arab residents or in multi-purpose amenities of some hotels. Majlis designs used to be more traditional which embodies the Arab culture years ago, but the design has evolved in style and architecture. Today, majlis designs in Dubai are very grand, luxurious, and range in style to style. Majlis design for men and women is separate and layouts different concepts and requirements of interior design. Luxedesign’s interior design team carefully conceptualizes majlis designs in Dubai that integrate opulence with the diverse patterns of the Islamic style as the focal point.

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More About Majlis Design

Women’s Majlis Designs in Dubai

Women’s Majlis

Majlis designs in the past were stripped of ornamentation and consisted of only the basics, maintaining the essence of the private traditional place where guests sit and have long talks. The Arab culture is very committed to the separation of men and women in a social setting. The women’s majlis is commonly located in a private area of the house through a separate entrance hall and private access. The interior design of the women’s majlis should have a more delicate design incorporating a color scheme and layout that exudes an elegant design that attracts women.

Man’s Majlis Design in Dubai

Man’s Majlis

The majlis design is a very traditional concept wherein understanding its basic function with respect and accordance with the Muslim religion is the key to a conventional majlis design. Some might think that the majlis design has to be a simple room but since mans’ majlis is more accessible than women’s Majlis, it is easier to maximize the integration of various interior design concepts. Majlis designed, however, has already set conventions that are hard to break but its traditional essence and function won’t be set-aside even upgrades include a more modern, on-trend, or into a luxurious design.

Man’s Majlis Design in Dubai
Luxury Majlis Design in Dubai


Interior designers have come up with many quality and luxury concepts with unique combinations of cultural aspects, traditions, and designs. Therefore, the Majlis design is now created with luxury and elegance for a grand ambiance. It consists of classical and traditional design elements, geometric patterns, luxury decoration, and sumptuous furniture. Majlis design in the UAE combines classic design featuring sophistication, luxury, and convenience. The layout concept includes large and bright rooms with the richness of detail and complexity of design. Every decorative element of a Majlis is a work of art involving natural wood furniture, spectacular luxurious textiles like satin, silk, high-quality viscose, and cotton in the same tone or with a subtle pattern, tassels, gold thread embroidery, and drapery. The palette consists of a noble color palette of white with gold, pastel colors, and pops of black.

Clinic Designs in Dubai
Luxedesign Clinic Designs in Dubai

One of the main functions of a clinic design is to make patients feel secure and calm. Clinic designs should include adaptable spaces, nature integration, and innovation into the design plan for more functional and comfortable areas for patients, visitors, and staff.

Clinic Design

Clinics should be designed systematically to function as an outpatient health services provider. Clinic design covers support and sub-space types, which include office spaces, private toilets, and filing and storage areas. The designs should always prioritize the convenience of the patients and health workers to effectively provide high-quality healthcare services. Luxedesign layouts premiere clinic designs in Dubai through innovative and functional spaces, paying extra attention to detail and commitment to quality and innovation. Our clinic designs are all created in accordance with the standards of the UAE and the World Health Organization. 

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Clinic Designs in Dubai
Luxedesign Clinic Designs in Dubai

One of the main functions of a clinic design is to make patients feel secure and calm. Clinic designs should include adaptable spaces, nature integration, and innovation into the design plan for more functional and comfortable areas for patients, visitors, and staff.

More About Clinic Design

Adaptable Spaces by Luxedesign

Adaptable spaces

Manageable furniture and fixtures are in demand in the clinic design particularly in patient's waiting areas, where the arrangement of furniture needs to suit individual requirements to provide comfort and ease. Mobile partitions in areas such as treatment rooms extend the feeling of control allowing patients to adapt the space as easily. And whenever healthcare professionals and staff need to expand or divide consultation rooms as needed, the clinic can be more flexible to meet the needs of different volumes and types of incoming and outgoing patients. Adding adaptable spaces to clinic design plans can transform the spaces into a more versatile and functional room such as a consultation room, private waiting area, or additional staff office space.

Biophilic Clinic Design in Dubai

Biophilic designs

Bringing the outside indoors through integrating natural elements into the clinic design relaxes patients and makes the space feel freer. Biophilic clinic design is achieved through letting more natural light into the interior spaces using floor-to-ceiling windows, glass curtain walls, and skylights. Other natural elements such as water features and vegetation create a feeling of tranquility, and more plants cleanse the air and increase oxygen level that calms and improves mood. Adding natural or artificial greens, extending indoors to outdoors, and even using earthy paint tones are very effective to give the impression of a natural environment in the design.

Biophilic Clinic Design in Dubai
Clinic Design Innovative Architectural plans in Dubai

Innovative Architectural plans

As technology advances, innovative architectural plans should be used in healthcare facilities like clinics. Digital technologies such as check-in kiosks and patient survey stations improve immediate access to information and are efficient in the patient check-in process without needing much to ask staff for help. This innovative clinic design idea helps lessen the long process to access assistance or personal medical information from staff to patients. These digital machines can be integrated into waiting or reception areas and minimize the need for a large check-in office desk and separate the public from your staff. There is more innovative technology that can be incorporated into clinic designs to make easier health assistance.



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