Modern Villa Design in Dubai: Contemporary & Industrial Concepts

Are you planning to build your dream villa with unique exterior and interior features, sustainable and functional resort-like amenities, and most importantly, with a comfortable overall villa design in Dubai? When you browse the internet and search for villa design inspirations, general trendy design ideas come up as results, which sometimes mixes your own perception of what you truly like and creates a more complicated design. We have been working on this villa design in Dubai with combinations of modern design and industrial design concepts, creating a masterpiece contemporary design with a unique aesthetical style. The modern villa design concept neutralized and simplified the style, the industrial design concept added character and strength, and the contemporary design concept bounds all concepts together and harmonized the entire design. Here are some noteworthy insights from this project which may help you create your own masterpiece design.

Modern Villa Design in Dubai


Villa Design Project in Dubai

In designing a villa in Dubai, it needs careful consideration of significant facts about the occupants, ideal concept, location, and the budget of course. These facts will all be included in any kind of design project from the conceptual stage, designing, construction, completion, and beyond the design process. There are a vast of design concepts to choose from, and it depends on your design perception. If you are into ornamentation, classic design suits you. However, if you are into simple and uncomplicated design, choose modern design. Modern villa design is more on regular shapes and angles, simplicity and order, and uses concrete, steel, and glass as construction materials. As time goes, modern design improved with more sustainable and functional materials integrated into the design creating a more versatile style, the contemporary design.

Villa Exterior Design | Industrial Design

Steels are commonly used in the construction of modern, contemporary, and industrial buildings and other infrastructures for reinforcement because of its reliable characteristics. These features include consistency and uniformity, elasticity, ductility, and durability. Using steel as construction material might need more maintenance, however, choosing the ones with quality manufacturing process, treatments, and installations are worth the investment. If you are looking forward to having a unique exterior design, industrial, contemporary, and modern villa design surely provides unique aesthetics. Glass as a modern construction material might also need more attention with maintenance, yet provides the best functions as a modern architectural material. Exterior glass walls allow natural ventilation and lighting to interior spaces, effortless connection with the outdoors, and a better living experience ideal for homes such as this villa in Dubai.

Villa Interior Design | Contemporary Concept

Combining two or more design concepts is a tricky technique in creating a unique yet aesthetical interior design. Contemporary design is a perfect way to combine concepts together without creating confusion on the variety of design features added into the design, however the main challenge is to simplify the whole style together. The blend of ideal interior design concepts might result in overdecoration, so take note that contemporary design adapts modern design concept of neutrality and simplicity. This villa interior design ingeniously used contemporary concepts with the perfect level of consistency and order of design features. The design integrated the modern design concept of neutrality and simplicity with the choice of color scheme and sleek furniture that harmoniously blended with the contemporary design concept features like curves and finishing materials like wood and granite. 

Modern Living room design | Villa Design in Dubai

The living room design of this villa in Dubai adapted modern design principles that focused on simplicity to effortlessly blend with the whole interior design concept. Sleek furniture is commonly incorporated with modern villa design amplifying edgy features, but this design magnified contemporary style with round and curvy design features to balance the design. Area carpet or rug is used to separate and identify the function of interior spaces. Since the exterior of the villa is a glass and steel design concept, the interior walling or partitions such as the one in the living room area integrated a variety of finishing, which created candid accent walls.

Kitchen Design | Villa Design in Dubai

Though the kitchen portrays a variety of finishing materials, the design still looks sleek. One of the reasons is the well-balanced usage of the finishing materials like the Carara marble countertop and white tile mosaic backsplash. And also, the proportion of oak wood and melamine cupboard and cabinet finishes. The walnut counter stools added accent and contrast with the black island kitchen counter with the perfect pendant lights that complement the kitchen design.

Create a Masterpiece Design

This masterpiece villa design in Dubai portrays a vacation style home with amenities such as a large swimming pool, accommodating lounges, cinema room, billiard and bar room, several bedrooms, maid quarters, extensive dining area, and many more. Get inspired with this villa project and start creating your own design concept considering what you and your family need and requires, the location, and your estimated budget. You might need the help of professionals from interior design companies in Dubai to assist you and provide a feasible study and accurate design that will surely fit your future ideal masterpiece villa.

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