House Designs in Dubai: Luxury Living Room Design Ideas

It is definitely a challenge to determine where to start when it comes to house designs even from scratch, or in a renovation project. Well, considering that Dubai is known as the ‘City of Gold’, luxury homes are on every corner. Interior design in Dubai, particularly the living room design undoubtedly shows off what it’s like to be one of the luxurious cities in the world. However, integrating luxury into a certain design is not as easy as inserting a gold ring onto a finger. There are some details to ponder to avoid overdesigning and to hit the best luxury design result instead.

Luxury living room design | house design in Dubai


Here are 10 clever ideas on how to design a living room in Dubai with a touch of luxury.

Luxury Living Room Design | Luxedesign by DAT

First thing is to know what your living room space offers in terms of layout design. Living room design provides unique features whatever kind of layout it has, just like how people differ in expressing their own feelings in different situations. Having to study the layout of the design space helps to determine the best area to locate furniture and to easily create a focal point that will build up the design. Luxury features of interior design in Dubai, indeed isn’t yet included in this phase but will allow it to be effortlessly integrated into the design later on.


After a long day of work, for sure, everyone would need a place to release all the burnouts and feel free to express who they really are, and that place is home. So, the more you put effort into sharing your personal style in the design, the more comfort it will give back to you as the result. Always work on reflecting your lifestyle into the house designs by customizing the living room design, just like how you like to dress yourself up. Remember that house designs mirror the customs of the occupants and the interior design gives the best impressions all the time. Luxury comes with how you choose to customize your design, it might be with the kind of frames for your photographs and arts, and the materials of the decors that have personal attachment to you. 


When it comes to color schemes, there are two important things to bear in mind. First is the size of the living room and second is the natural lighting orientation of the location. The smaller living space you have needs a lighter color palette that will give the impact of a wider, fresh, and free space for the living room design. On the other hand, a bigger or wider living space can play on both light to darker color palettes and be more creative with dominant vibrant bold colors, as well. Natural lighting orientation is all about where the sun rises and sets. If the living room faces the location where the sun mostly rises, using warmer color tones helps balance the cooler light it receives. For the opposite, where the living room faces and receives more natural light from where the sun moves to set, needs cooler tones since it gets warmer natural light. The integration of metallic accents into the color palette of the living room is a way to add a touch of luxury into the whole design.

The design should create a visual flow that leads the eyes into the design features without any confusion or even eye strain. One of the effective techniques for this visual flow is to add an accent wall and no-to just hanging anything, anywhere on the wall. Accent walls can be something like a large framed artwork, a group of small to medium framed photos hanged closely to each other as one, murals, stone wall, or even wallpaper accents. However, there should only be one accent wall in a certain interior space. Hence, the living room should only have a single accent wall that points out to the main focal point of the design. The focal point which might be in the form of a sofa set, a striking chandelier, or even a large window with an epic view should always be harmonized with the accent wall.


The most used and abused part of the living room and in every part of the house is the flooring. Choosing the appropriate and high-quality flooring material is the key to minimize damages and maintenance. Interior design in Dubai uses marbles very common in the living room, which is a good investment and provides a luxury approach too. To add coziness and separate spaces, carpets and rugs are commonly used, just remember to opt for high-quality, darker shades, contemporary styles, and stain-resistant carpets.


This phase needs a high level of practicality since it involves the options of going more or less. When we say picking the best quality of furniture, it doesn’t mean buying the most expensive and beautiful couch, but picking the best one that suits you and your lifestyle. Being practical doesn’t mean buying the cheapest one either, take note that balancing quality, function, aesthetics, value, and quantity matters a lot not only for the furniture but for all house designs in Dubai.


In choosing a sofa or any kind of settee for your living room, the first thing to put in mind is quality by considering the size, shape, style, color, and materials. No one would ever want a sofa that is as hard as a rock, rather, pick a sofa that anyone could feel comfortable to sit on. Next is value, the quality of the materials used determines the price of the products, well, most of the time. If you want to have an investment and luxury touch, choose the best value with the best quality of fabrics, craftsmanship, and materials used. On the other hand, if you think you won’t settle on it and will often have renovation, pick a good quality piece but maybe with a lower value.


Control clutter no matter what, by using furniture that offers both aesthetic and functional purposes. Choose coffee or side tables with extra storage spaces, cabinets with display, covered spaces, and drawers, or even settees with hidden storages. Be versatile yet creative enough to preserve orderliness and aesthetics at the same time.


Proper lighting creates the perfect mood in a certain part of any interior design. For the living room design, there should be an appropriate amount of light in every feature. A living room should always have a focal point that needs an impression at any cost, and proper lighting is the solution. A nice chandelier placed right above the sofa set acts as the stress lighting for the focal point of the living room which is the sofa set, and also adds luxury into the design. Accent lighting such as spotlights that highlight an accent wall, low-level table lights, standing lamps, and even pendant lights gives the living room the right amount of light that sets the mood.


Window dressings such as drapes, curtains, shutters, or blinds helps unite all the interior design features together. Going on luxury style, of course, needs a budget for it often has a combination of 2 or more window dressing kinds with the best quality. However, going simple doesn’t mean no luxury at all, it only needs creativity and a sense of style in picking good quality materials that complement the room design.


Always go for medium to large pieces of decorations and no-to small ones to avoid cluttering. Try to accessorize your living room with soft furnishing, rugs, cushions and throws with accent colors and styles, featured artwork and photos for accent walls, and indoor plants that help liven up the living room and purify the air for good health. Choose pieces that possess quality, function, and aesthetics, remember that decors will reflect the personality of the occupants. Items such as jewels, glass and ceramic vases and wares, metallic accented furniture and accessories are all up for an elegant and luxury design. So take your time to pick the perfect design decor pieces for your home. 


Interior design companies in Dubai offer wide ranges of designs and concepts that surely adapt to every client’s design requirements. These professionals know every nook and corner of a certain style and concept for a particular design project, so seeking their assistance is a huge step to having the best interior design for you. 

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