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Sustainability is making a great effort on upgrading communities all around the world. It is a worldwide vision to help the environment heal and rise again, alongside innovation which is a constant process that paves the road to an easier route to a sustainable future. There are many countries all over the world that have started their own innovative pavements trying to urbanize their communities whilst helping to balance every development with the environment’s healing process. UAE is one of the countries with such a vision, and it has been a milestone for the country, especially the Emirate of Dubai, the recent launch of its Sustainable Master Plan Vision for 2040 that gives emphasis to a greener environment. Construction companies in Dubai and other entities under the engineering sector are some of the major contributors to this process giving them the huge opportunity to perform their expertise.

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Dubai Constructed as a Modern and Sustainable City

The Emirate of Dubai is a city of modern wonders and one of the most active cities in the world in promoting and upgrading its communities into sustainable and innovative livable spaces. The city’s huge and remarkable development projects focus on creating more comfortable and eco-friendly communities that help the country be recognized as the largest ecological footprint per capita, generally because of its carbon emission. Through this acknowledgment, It has been the government’s objective to support innovative and cutting-edge advancement towards a more sustainable future. Construction companies in Dubai are not exempted from this goal, instead, plays a huge role in the implementation process. The modernization trajectory of the city has been steep and rapid through the decades since the goal’s initiation. The country’s construction industry covers a broad growth of construction projects in different sectors such as commercial construction, residential construction, industrial construction, and infrastructure construction.


One of the main reasons for the broad construction industry in Dubai is the low construction cost because of its diversified economy, high-skilled workers, and expert professionals such as construction companies in Dubai and engineering consultants in Dubai working together to build massive, iconic, and sustainable structures in the city. At present, Dubai fascinates a lot of promising attention because of the countless ongoing infrastructure projects such as Expo 2020 and the upcoming 2040 Master Plan. A lot of the implemented sustainability strategies for the city can be seen in the latest real estate projects and other urbanization projects of the government. The goal of building smart cities is another trend impacting UAE construction which is an ongoing strategy implemented all over the UAE especially in Dubai. A big example is The Sustainable City in Dubai, which includes energy savings in its engineering and construction process providing simpler updates on building architecture with the utilization of innovative products. The expectation is set on a higher bar after the inauguration of the new Master Plan for the city that gives us endless reckoning until we see the result of this vision towards a maximized modernization and sustainability.

Sustainable Technology Construction Solutions in Dubai

The city is currently one of the smartest cities in the world with almost everything from transportation solutions, high-speed internet connectivity, and many other technologies that makes life easier. Continuing its advancements, the UAE government plans on making Dubai the world’s best city in 2040. It is a plan for an extensive map for sustainable urbanization, focusing on promoting and prioritizing a greener environment that will influence wellbeing and higher quality of life. Construction companies in Dubai collaborating with engineering consultants improve their services to more sustainable engineering and construction solutions focusing on green technology.


In Dubai, there are four main target areas for energy conservation and sustainability. These areas will have the best upgrades to achieve more sustainable structures in the future.


Cooling Features

The heat of Dubai’s desert is indeed an energy-demanding function and needs modifications that will significantly reduce the consumption of air conditioning. Engineering consultants and construction companies in Dubai use Low-emissivity coatings with insulated glazing to control the heat transfer through exteriors made of glass, great examples are the skyscrapers around the city. This coating is made of a microscopically fine, practically invisible, metal or metallic oxide layer deposited directly on the surface of the panes of glass that typically minimize energy loss up to 50 percent.


Lighting Features

Bulbs with as low as one watt will soon be in buildings all over the city alongside the usage of task-oriented lighting features will surely bring down energy consumption. Cutting-edge Building Management Systems or BMS are efficient in utilizing sensors to control timers and turn on lights, fans, HVAC, and water heater functions in specific areas of use.

Water Fixtures

In Desert lands such as Dubai, water is inevitably a luxury that specifically requires solutions to reduce consumption. The Scandinavian low-flow faucet solution has been introduced to local sectors, generally in public facilities where washing stations tend to be used often.

Building Exterior and Orientation

The orientation, density, and form of a building can be energy-saver and cost-effective through the passive solar building design method. It focuses on the site analysis and integrating windows, walls, and floors that are made to collect, store, and reflect solar energy. This method will effectively distribute the accumulated solar energy in the form of heat during winter and reject solar heat during the summer season. Villa contractors in Dubai also includes advanced concrete mixes, extra insulation, and reflective paint further cut energy consumption.


Now that city has extended its focus towards creating Dubai as the best city in the world, Luxedesign will impart in the implementation of new technology and build sustainable communities as one of the best contracting companies, specifically as villa contractors in Dubai.

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