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All about Commercial Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Commercial Interior Design Companies in Dubai | Luxedesign

Published on June 5, 2021

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One of the challenging parts of commercial interior design projects is to effectively create a well-designed space that delivers the branding and ideology of the venture. Commercial interior design companies in Dubai work toward the functionality, safety, and style of a space. These interior designers want a space to upgrade the profitability of the business. Their ability to enhance any interior space for commercial use whilst making it safe and well-designed notably hit the marks.

Responsibilities of Commercial Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Interior design companies in Dubai for commercial establishments consider the proper integration of ergonomics into the working and service environment. Expert interior designers perfectly create a comfortable ambiance assuring that every customer feels the appropriate vibe that the business and the interior design aim for. They also consider the workers’ safety and productivity by designing functional and secure workplaces. 


Commercial interior designers evaluate the needs of clients to assess the possible design for the commercial space and recommendations for the materials, decorative accessories, furniture, fabrics, and other design elements that are suitable to the client's requirements. The design works may focus on everything that includes the building structure to the finishing details such as furniture pieces and accessories. Interior designers in Dubai are capable to assess the specific requirements that every client needs whether for residential, commercial, or industrial interior design projects.

Types of Commercial Interior Design Projects

Restaurant Interior Design

Office Interior Design

Retail Interior Design

School Interior Design

Hospitals and Clinic Interior Design

Spa Interior Design

Hotel Interior Design

Lounge Interior Design

Bank Interior Design

Theater Interior Design

School Interior Design 

Spa Interior Design

Mall Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design Work Process

There is a general process that most interior designers in Dubai follow.

Meeting with the client to evaluate the requirements of the client and space.

Create and present the design plan and cost estimates to the client. 

Revisions may be required based on the feedback of the client.

After the plan is approved, they identify the specific materials to be used in the design such as fabrics, surfaces, finishes, accessories, and many more. 

The final step is to determine the project. 

Interior design experts from interior design companies in Dubai interact and oversee the construction contractors and other professionals involved in the project.


Interior designers in Dubai not only undertake work on the decorating and design aspect but also work on renovation and construction as of what fit out companies in Dubai do to make sure everything is up to the conventions and goals. Interior design experts contribute to business thriving by improving the face of business through proper interior design ideas.

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