2020 Home Decor Trends

In a house design, what are the main things you need to consider? Importantly, about the homeowner, what do the homeowners do? What personality and lifestyle do they have? What things do they like and hate the most? Knowing or having an idea with this information will give a big impact on the main concept of the house design. It will help to balance what the owner wants and the new trends the designer wants to incorporate into the idea. DAT Engineering Consultancy succors with the process of designing, selecting essential decors and furniture.

Home Decor ideas


Different elements should be considered in accordance with the client’s likes and preferences, and into what space itself needs. Sometimes, you can play with different kinds of decor as long they are functional and convenient. House design and decors will add texture and depth to space. But first, know the color palette the client loves or suggest some ideas for them to choose from. For example, light and neutral colors are the best for interior walls. Light color schemes are best for small spaces it gives wide and fresh illusion especially if the area doesn’t have enough natural lighting. Darker color schemes give depth which is why it is good for spacious and natural lighted areas. ‘Earthy’ colors are the trends this year, mix and match with warm pastels with the shades of spring and autumn. For a stronger personality with a touch of elegance, a Bold Monochromatic palette with royal blue, emerald green, or aubergine would be perfect. Playing with different colors might lead to complicated house design, just remember to avoid using contrasting colors though you can still do as long as you use it as color accents in particular. It might be better to choose a complimentary color or two, and then use its lighter or darker hue to go with the palette. After picking the right color palette, it is time for the furniture and other decors that perfectly fits the design to come in. 


Always keep in mind that the house decors and interior design ideas should go together, collaborate, and match. From accent walls or mural walls, comfy sofas and chairs, tables and counters, storages like cabinets and baskets, vases and indoor plants, sizes and shapes, lightings, and color palettes, rugs, curtain and pillows, and other things needed to make it more convenient and efficient. There are a lot of DIY crafts that you can make and watch online but if you aren’t that crafty, there are many home designs and decors anyone can purchase from outlet stores. Living room design ideas may include decors and accessories like accent walls or murals will help give depth and solidity to the wall. Wooden or stone vases, pots, and indoor plants will bring in a more natural and earthy touch to the house interior design. Tables, counters, cabinets and storages, chairs, and stools are the best details in interior design that can be made of wood.  Rock accessories, granite for example are good for the tile floor. Put rugs or carpets to separate spaces and texture on the floor, can also help in achieving a wider illusion in small spaces. Throw pillows, blankets, and curtains with the matching motif with the color palette will complete the convenience and homey ambiance in the bedroom design or living room design. Natural lighting is effective internal lighting, maximizes visual comfort, and reduces energy consumption. For those spaces without windows where natural lighting can’t easily surface the area, there are still some home design remedies for it. Mirrors are effective to bounce light to darker areas of the room and give the illusion of the space being extended. White walls to create a spacious illusion. Lighting fixtures like spotlights, corner lights, and under-cabinet lights will help in distributing light rays in every corner and from ceiling to the floor. Functional decors like benches with hidden storages or tables with compartments are very useful and will minimize the space needed for storage.


Our home should be our own sanctuary after a long and busy day. No one wants to be in a stressful and tiring environment twice, isn’t it? One should look forward to going home. And just upon entering the main door, the stress should melt away in a blink. The home design and interior design should relax the body and the mind instantly. The client must feel the vibe of feeling and uttering, “Alas! I’m home.” It should also inspire them to continue life outside as well. 


Luxe design by DAT assures every client’s desires were integrated with the home design as a whole. We pitch in to make sure that all of our presented interior design in Dubai were well planned and suitable for each and every taste of a certain individual. With the latest trends assimilated into our designs, we are confident that we can impart a superb scheme for you. 

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